Internships at forensics

Internships at forensics

Dear members,

On the 9th of February we had a lunch colloquium about Forensic Biometrics given by Didier Meuwly. He announced that there are currently a few internships available. If you found the colloquium interesting and looking for an intership, then take a look at the following links:

If you have any questions, you can ask the symposium committee or Fernon.


Update: The links to the internships do not work anymore, however you can still find an alternate overview of offers.

Simon Stevin – Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis

On October 7th the first lunch colloquium of this study year took place. Dr. Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis was glad to give a talk on the scientist who introduced the Dutch word for mathematics “wiskunde” centuries ago. Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis is one of Ockham’s honorary members and a specialist in the history of science. As a teacher within the science track of the Honours-programme, he brings ‘great scientists’, such as Newton or Darwin closer to his students and defines with them what a ‘great scientist’ should be like. During this lunch colloquium he gave an interesting talk about a scientist not known to everyone, the Dutch mathematician Simon Stevin, who greatly influenced history. Amongst other things, he developed the decimal system and even introduced new scientific vocabulary to the Dutch language. Moreover, a major science grant carries his name. With his enthusiasm Fokko-Jan was once again able to fascinate his audience by taking them on a journey back into the 16th century.

Orange ASEAN programme

Orange ASEAN programme

Orange ASEAN is initiative from the Dutch ambassedy in South-East Asia. Orange ASEAN offers a programme for three weeks in Bangkok to work on realistic environmental cases. The Orange ASEAN is looking for motivated students (with at least a Bachelors degree). The programme is free, but the lodging and the travel costs are for the participant.

The first edition will be in January 2016 with an application deadline of the 1st of November and the topic is about waste and circular economies. So do you want to work on sustainable business cases for companies from the Netherlands and ASEAN? And do you want to get experience in working with an international team on translating societal issues into sustainable business opportunities?

Then go to this website and send in your application!


P.s you can also contact the board for more information.