Gerard Sanderink scholarship

Applications for the Gerard Sanderink scholarships, with a value of 10.000 per year, are open until the 30th of May. Requirements are:

-Following any study from the TNW, CTW, EWI or ITC faculties, or TBK or IEM.

-Parents’ combined annual income less than 43.000

-45 EC achieved with an average grade of 7.5 or higher over the past 3 modules

-Scholarship recipients must live in Twente for the duration of the scholarship, and be willing to work for a company in the Twente region for three years after graduation

If you meet these requirements, you can find more information and the application procedure at Best of luck to all Ockhammers who apply!

Professionalisation with Salio

On the 30th of March, the SympCie professionalisation event in cooperation with Salio took place. After arriving at Saxion, we started off the evening with a LinkedIn workshop by Leontien Biemold. First, the basics of a good LinkedIn profile were covered, and afterwards, we had the opportunity to review each others’ profiles. A lot of useful feedback and profile updates were generated, and many Ockhammers really took their profile to the next level.

During the coffee break, photographers from FOTON offered the opportunity to have a high-quality picture taken, for use on a CV or maybe a LinkedIn profile. How convenient! After the break, the second speaker for the evening was a familiar face: Ben Elsinga. Where last year’s workshop focused mostly on Ben’s vision of young professionals, this year’s talk went in-depth on development patterns to remain happy and succesful throughout your career. Sadly, the discussion after the talk was cut short because the building closed down at 22:00, but the evening was very successful overall. Thanks to our friends at Salio for collaborating with us on this event!

SRON Lunch Lecture

On the 6th of March, the SympCie organised a lunch colloquium on astrophysics research. Dr. Frank Helmich, head of the Astrophysics Programme at the Dutch space agency SRON, gave an interesting and inspiring lecture on his work. While everyone enjoyed a nice lunch, dr. Helmich told us about the extreme technical requirements for measurement devices in astrophysics research, the position of SRON in international space research, his own experiences on the Herschel satellite project, and more. One particularly surprising fact is the time scale over which projects at SRON and other space agencies take place; over the duration of a full career, it is not unusual to work on only three projects.The lecture was well visited, and certainly sparked some interest in a branch of engineering and research that’s not seen as often.

Write for Ockham’s Razor!

Have you always wanted to be a columnist? Are you the perfect person to explain current scientific developments? Or would you like to interview researchers, alumni and UT notables? Try writing for our association magazine Ockham’s Razor! Writing happens on a per-edition basis, so whether you want to try your hand at writing just once or want to be a recurring columnist, your contributions are welcome.

Contact the ExperienCie or the board for more information.

Student Research Conference 2016

On the 30th of November, the Student Research Conference 2016 will take place at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. If you are interested in seeing the best research by Dutch and Belgian bachelor students, or need inspiration for a research project of your own, you can find more information and sign up at