Become part of the next board of H.V. Ockham!

Become part of the next board of H.V. Ockham!

Will you be part of the 9th Board of H.V. Ockham?

Doing a board year is a wonderful opportunity to improve your professional skills while also having a great time. The board year at Ockham is a part-time board year, which means you will be able to be a board member without requiring you to delay your study by a year.

On the 4th of April, we had the Board interest activity. If you were unable to attend, or if you would like information regarding the board year, like practical information and different functions, you can check out the slides of the presentation or contact one of the current board members:

Presentation Board Interest

Deadline for application is April 30st at 23:59. You can apply by sending a mail to

Batavierenrace Training Schedule

Batavierenrace Training Schedule

The Bata is coming up, which means it is time to prepare. Running may not be your favorite thing, but luckily, you can train together with your friends from H.V. Ockham!
For all the Ockhammers and Ockhamsters, we have prepared a perfect training schedule. Starting from February the 22nd, we will be doing a weekly evening jog. We will start from the Ockham Room at 20:30, so you can join after your (honours) lectures. You can also safely leave your stuff in the room during the jog. The total schedule is shown below (each starting at 20:30):

Thursday 02-03-2017
Wednesday 08-03-2017
Thursday 16-03-2017
Wednesday 22-03-2017
Wednesday 29-03-2017
Thursday 06-04-2017
Wednesday 12-04-2017
Thursday 20-04-2017
Wednesday 26-04-2017

Put the dates in your agenda and take the opportunity to make exercise fun with your friends. Also, don’t forget we are still looking for participants for the Batavierenrace. More information and Sign-Up for the event itself can be found here:

We hope to see you train with us. Till then!

Cheers, The BataCie