The Quest for the Holy Grail – Victory for Ockhamalot

The Quest for the Holy Grail – Victory for Ockhamalot

Only two people remained in the Quest for the Holy Grail. But that wouldn’t last long. Bob the Bold and Rianne the Remorseless were equals in this Quest. Both had killed before and both did not shy away from the idea of doing it again. But only one could win. It was not a fair battle. Bob the Bold crept up to Rianne when she was not paying attention for a second. He took her by surprise and that would prove to be fatal. Only Bob survived. He got the Grail from Rianne. The founder of Ockhamalot had regained the Grail only that morning when she killed Maura. But the control of the knights had gotten out of her hands and Bob – knowing that it had to be Rianne who was in possession of the Grail – could not think of rest before the Grail was in his hands. He won the Quest, but at a terrible cost. Twenty one knights lost their lives in less than two weeks.

Having started in the hands of Belinda the Black (Knight), the Grail was passed onto Lieke the Lovely when the Quest had barely started. The lovely knight would not commit another murder, she was of too lovely character to continue the killing after she had obtained the Grail. She could not hold on to the much desired object; Maura the Mighty took it from her after two days. Maura held on to the Grail for quite a while and tried to take out as many people that could endanger it – she killed more knights then any of the others. But it was not enough. Near the end of the Quest, when she let down her guard for just a second, Rianne the Remorseless proved worthy of her name and took the Grail from the mighty knight. The rest of it went down in history. Bob the Bold obtained the grail and the people of Ockhamalot celebrated.

The Grail brought prosperity to the town. Even when its founder Rianne was gone, the town flourished and grew more and more. Many years in the future, it was the birthplace of a man called William, who would be known for his invention of Ockham’s razor. Which in turn inspired a group of students five years ago to found an association by the same name. Ockhamalot came full circle. Thanks to the 21 knights that gave their lives, and the one that prevailed.


Upon request by many, participant profiles can be found here.

The Quest for the Holy Grail – nearing the end

The Quest for the Holy Grail – nearing the end

Another silent day had passed. It proved to be the calm before the storm. Five knights were alive at the beginning of this day, but that didn’t last very long. Hanna the Holy was the first one to fall today. The words from a time travelling book shocked her to the core and she passed away instantly. She wouldn’t be the last. He tried to get away from it, but also Rik the Righteous did not manage to escape the fatal words. He had truly done honour to his nickname, being the last knight in the game to have not harmed a single individual – too scared to hurt an innocent person.

But Hanna and Rik were not the last people to die today. Maura the Mighty, who had caused the end of many of her fellow knights, finally lost her life herself. She was challenged with the glove and did not live to tell the tale of her heroic actions.

The Quest for the Holy Grail draws to an ending. Only two knights remain. The Grail is amongst them. Only they know who possesses it. Only they can determine how this Quest is going to end and who is going bring the Grail home to Ockhamalot. They will have to sleep with one eye open today, constantly looking over their shoulders and moving quickly to evade capture. The faith of the Grail, the faith of Ockhamalot, rests on their shoulders. Will it be the Bold or the Remorseless that succeeds in this Quest? The rest of Ockhamalot can do nothing but wait. Until the final results will be known. November 22nd, 22:00. Be prepared. Be cautious. Be there.

The Quest for the Holy Grail – a quiet weekend ends

The Quest for the Holy Grail – a quiet weekend ends

It was a quiet weekend in Ockhamalot. If there were knights out to kill at all, they did not succeed. However, with the return of Monday, the fatalities returned as well. Willemijn the Wonderful was the first one to fall today. A wizard’s wand took her life early in the afternoon.

But that wasn’t all for today. Laura the Lazy was not careful enough, feeling safe after the long weekend of silence. She passed away quickly, realizing as she fell that her safe feeling had been wishful thinking. Too late.

Five knights remain while the denouement of the Quest draws closer and closer with every passing hour. Who will survive these final days, and who will possess the Grail in the end? Knights, some final words for these last days. Be Watchful. Always.

The Quest for the Holy Grail – the events of day four

The Quest for the Holy Grail – the events of day four

Yet again, a day passed in the town of Ockhamalot. The hunt for the Grail is getting more heated every day, with less people surviving the search every day. Did the knights know what to expect when they started? Lieke the Lovely did learn something today, and she didn’t take it well. Intrigued by knowledge from the future, she died instantly when another knight read her a line from a Quantum Mechanics book.

She joined the many knights that have already passed to the other side – some of them not even having caught a glimpse of the Holy target they were after. Did Noor the Notable manage to get her hands of much desired object? If so, she did not manage to hold on to it. She was shown the glove that has already proved fatal so many times this quest.

Night falls over Ockhamalot. What will the weekend bring? Will the knights take the time to relax and let their guard down? Or will the go in hiding now that it is so easy to do so? A new day will tell.

The Quest for  the Holy Grail – day three

The Quest for the Holy Grail – day three

After the busy day yesterday, Ockhamalot fell very silent today. Were the knights more careful and as a result evaded capture? Or were they tired and took a break from hunting for their suspects? We cannot be sure. However, not all knights were safe today. Unfortunately for Michelle the Magnificent, even in the safety of her own home was not enough to protect her. The night had barely fallen when she got enchanted by a magic wand. She did not live to tell the tale.

Sébastian the Sly’s cunning nature might have prevented his capture, or he just have been hard to find in the first place. In any case, this not so well trusted knight, was challenged to a duel today. Taking up the challenge was to no avail, he lost his life while defending himself.

All the while, the location of the Grail is still unknown. Did it change hands? Or was it safe today from the grasping hands of those that long for power? Only nine knights are left now. Their future is still uncertain.

The Quest for the Holy Grail – the end of day two

The Quest for the Holy Grail – the end of day two

Night is a time when the knights of Ockhamalot are sleeping, resting from the excitement of the finished day. However, night had only just fallen when one knight approached Victor the Virtuous. The knights face was unclear, unlike its voice, which clearly spoke: “Stories of old have made it known to us that there was once a Duke called Theseus, Ruler of Athens, Lord and Governor.” It was the first line from the Knight’s Tale from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It was the last thing knight Victor would ever hear. However, not long after the mysterious knight had left, another knight appeared. This time Belinda the Black was the unfortunate victim. She never saw the knight with the mirror coming.

The first day proved quite deadly for six of the knights, but a new day did not bring any respite. Anna the Arcane did not prove to be mysterious enough, or she might be just plain unlucky. She was enchanted by a wizard early in the morning. Around the lunchtime Knights games, more blood was shed. It did not only prove a nice lunch activity, but also an excellent time frame for disabling other knights. Marieke the Mischievous, Mike the Malevolent and Cas the Crafty were not prepared for the challenge of the glove. But this was still not enough. Later in the day, Tim the Timid was the last one challenged with a thrown glove. Unfortunately, he did not survive either.

At the end of the second day of the quest, already half the knights have fallen. Was the original keeper of the Grail one of them? The grail may have changed hands today, but it is just as likely that it didn’t. Many of the knights who killed today got revenged. Watch your back, knights, or else you might lose the grail not long after obtaining it…

The Quest for the Holy Grail – one day passes

The Quest for the Holy Grail – one day passes

The Quest for the Holy Grail is not yet a day old, and already four brave knights have fallen. Yorick the Youngster proved to be too young to take up the quest and was the first to fall, having not survived the challenge of the thrown glove. But he wasn’t the only one; two more knights were challenged in a similar way, and both Chantal the Chieftain and Jaap the Jaunty did not survive the challenge posed onto them. However, theirs were not the final losses the knighthood of Ockhamalot suffered today. Bastiaan the Berserk encountered and fell at the hand of a magic wand.

But of course the main question is: where is the grail? Did it change hands this first day? Or did the holder of the Grail keep a strong grip on it? Only time will tell…

Quest for the Holy Grail – players instructions

Dear knight,

As you are aware, our chairwoman Rianne found the Grail earlier this year. However, she got
kidnapped by the evil Black Knight and had to give it up. Thank you for signing up to help us retrieve
this Grail.

What can you do? Accompanied by this message, you’ve received a card which contains the name of
somebody who might be in the possession of the Holy Grail. Carry it upon your person. It is up to you
to capture and disarm this suspect. However, you are not alone in this quest. Somebody might think
you’re the one, so be very careful.

If you find your suspect alone (no other knights present), you’ll have to render him or her harmless
by performing one of the following acts:

  1. Throw a single glove in front of this person
  2. Touch the person with a mirror
  3. Hit the suspect with a wand (be creative)
  4. Read to him one line from a book
  5. Touch the person with a rosary/crucifix

If you succeed, you will receive the suspect card from this person. Send us a photo of your newly
acquired suspect card, so that we can track your progress. You can send the photo to or send it using WhatsApp to 06-20614430 or 06-41178417.

If the person you rendered harmless was in the possession of the Grail, you are now the new
protector and acquire its card. Keep it save, and try to take out as many other suspects as you can, so
they cannot take the Grail from you anymore. Whoever is in possession of the Grail on November
20th, 20:00, will be the victor and will receive a nice reward.

If you have any questions about the quest please send us an e-mail or WhatsApp message to the
aforementioned addresses. In addition if you lose this document, it is also available online at the
website of HV Ockham.

Keep in mind:

  • You can only hunt down the suspect whose card is in your possession.
  • You can only disarm your victim when no other knights still in the game are present.
  • You should keep your suspects card (and the Grail) if you have it upon you at all times.

Good luck.

Ockham special lustrum edition of the newsletter


Lustrum newsletter

Ockhamalot klein.PNG



—Special lustrum edition of the Newsletter—

Dear member,


FROM THE Lustrum Committee:


Dear members,

Nice to see that you are reading this special edition of the HV Ockham newsletter, dedicated to the fifth birthday of our wonderful association. For those of you that were present at the last Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks, our theme is already known. The lustrum weeks (November 10th till November 22nd) will be centered around the theme ‘Ockhamalot’, a village from the Middle Ages. Since this is only the first lustrum of Ockham, we are still in the early development of our association – which brought us to our mediaeval theme.

Since April of this year we have been planning and preparing the program for the upcoming lustrum weeks and we are very happy that the time has finally come to unveil our plans. Although we do not want to spoil all of the surprises yet, we have decided it is time to inform you of the activities we have planned for you. You can read all about it in this newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you in the Middle Ages!

Knightly greatings,

Mike Visser
Rianne van Dommelen
Lars Corbijn van Willenswaard
Belinda Brandwacht
Bastiaan Bruinsma
Laura Dittmann
Caroline Löbker


Lustrum Committee 2014




A short explanation of the lustrum activities is made. For more information about all activities, you can check the website:


*The Quest for the Holy Grail

Tuesday 11th of November @ Campus, 00:01 (until  Thursday 20th of November @ Enschede, 17:00)

Terrible news has reached you. The Holy Grail got taken form you chairman Rianne. We need your help to retrieve it. Join us in the search for the Holy Grail, eliminate your opponents and claim the Grails as yours to protect. The quest will start Tuesday November 11th at midnight (you’ll receive all information at the Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks before that) and will last until November 20th, 17.00. The quest will not take much of your time, but the rewards will be worth it. Please help us. Enroll before November 5th on the website.

*Movie night with Atlantis

Tuesday 11th of November

Get some relaxation while you prepare for your quest. Join the members of Atlantis and take it slow and enjoy our specially selected (but still secret) movie. The movie will be hosted on the evening of Tuesday November 11th. More details about this activity will be made available on the website, where you can also enroll.

* Knights’ Tournament (1) and (2)

Wednesday 12th of November, Tuesday 18th of November @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

It is time to get your sweat on and show us that you are worthy of the title ‘Knight of Ockhamalot’. Test your strength and abilities during the Knights’ Tournament and get some lunch for your efforts! Participate in either one or both of the tournaments, during the lunch breaks on Wednesday the 12th and Tuesday the 18th of November. Both tournaments will consist of games from the Middle Ages (with a twist), but sports attire is not required, nor is enrolling beforehand.

* Tour of the Brewery

Saturday 15th of November @ Twentse Bierbrouwerij, 14.30-17:00

If you need to get your strengths back up after one week of living in the Middle Ages, you might desire a refreshment. And what’s better than enjoying a nice beer after a week of hard work, and learn a thing or two about how the favourite drink of the Middle Ages is prepared. To join in this activity, you have to pay a sum of €5. Enrollment for this activity (which takes place on Saturday the 15th of November) is on the website, together with more details about getting to the tour location.

*Treasure Hunt Enschede

Thursday 20th of November @ Enschede Central Station, 19:30-22:00

To become once again fully accustomed to living in the Middle Ages, it is time to gain more knowledge on your place of residence. Together with your team, solve the puzzles lying around in the town centre of Enschede, all the while increasing your historical awareness of the place. Please enroll on the website.


Saturday 22nd of November @ Danscentrum Dekker, 20:30-0:00

By this time, we hope the Grail has been recovered by one of our knights. Join us at a final masquerade at Danscentrum Dekker in your black tie to celebrate this happy event. You can also buy one additional ticket for a friend. Of course the winner of the Quest for the Holy Grail will be announced. Enrolment is necessary before November 11th. Please be aware that the Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks of November is the last opportunity to sign up. Costs are €12,50 pp.




The Lustrum committee (LuCie) after their play to announce the Lustrum theme during the Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks.




The Ockhamster thought he already traveled to Ockhamalot, but this is the wrong castle. At which castle did he end up? We have to find him fast, otherwise he won’t be on time for the start of the Lustrum!







* Monday November 10th

Lustrum opening drinks @ Theatercafé, 20:30

*Tuesday November 11th 

Start of The Quest for the Holy Grail @Campus, 00:01

* Tuesday November 11th

Movie night with Atlantis @ To be announced

* Wednesday November 12th

Knights’ tournament (1) @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

* Saturday November 15th

Tour of the Brewery @ Twentse Bierbrouwerij, 14:30-17:00

* Tuesday November 18th

Knights’ tournament (2) @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

* Thursday November 20th

End of The Quest for the Holy Grail @ Enschede, 17:00

* Thursday November 20th

Optional dinner (“daghappen”) @ To be announced, 18:00

* Thursday November 20th

Treasure Hunt Enschede @ Enschede Central Station, 19:30-22:00

* Saturday November 22th

Masquerade @ Danscentrum Dekker, 20:30-0:00





Resident of Ockhamalot:

The Once and Future King,
T. H. White

In order to understand the nobleness you should possess as a knight of Ockhamalot, it is advised to read this book. The central theme is an exploration of human nature regarding power and justice, as the boy Arthur becomes king and attempts to quell the prevalent “might makes right” attitude with his idea of chivalry.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham & the Lustrum committee 2014

Special lustrum edition 2014