H. V. Ockham Newsletter October 2015






—Newsletter of October 2015—

Dear Member,




*             Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks

Monday, the 12th of October @ Theatercafé, 20:30



Come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’


*             Lunch Colloquium – by Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

 ‘Simon Stevin’

Wednesday, the 7th of October @ Citadel T300, 12:45-13:30

On the 7th of October, the SympCie organizes the first lunch

colloquium of the year. Dr. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis will tell us

all about Simon Stevin, one of the most influential Dutch

scientists in history. Stevin’s work led to the everyday use of

the decimal system, introduced new scientific vocabulary to

the Dutch language, and included many areas of

mathematics, physics and engineering. In fact, his historical

significance has been so great, a major science grant has been

named after him. Sign up now for a free lunch while enjoying

an interesting lecture on this inspiring scientist. Be sure to

register in time, because space is limited!


*              Willy Wonka’s BitterSweet Halloween

Thursday, the 29th of October @ Ockham Room, 20:00


We have gathered golden tickets for you all to celebrate Halloween with us at Willi Wonka’s chocolate factory! There will be lots and lots of flowing chocolate waiting for you to give some sweet taste to this scary night. Some creepy and thrilling games will be provided, for those who just can’t get enough of the dark side of Halloween. Undeniably, the experience of this spooky and at the same time tasty night, will be printed into your memory forever. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance, but use your golden ticket to enter Willi Wonka’s Halloween party!





*            General Update



The new academic year started about one month ago. Last month, during the General Members Meeting, the new Board of Ockham was charged. There were not many activities on account of official matters that needed to be taken care of, but we have exciting plans for the rest of this academic year. The new Board wishes everyone a successful and enjoyable year. We are looking forward to seeing you at the various activities.



Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*             KIVI – Innovation Drinks: Sustainable Energy

Thursday, the 8th of October @The Gallery, 16:00-18:30

Speakers: Green Team Twente, Air Liquide.

Students and young professionals in the field of engineering are invited to a new edition of the KIVI Innovation Drinks Twente. This edition will start with two inspiring presentations about sustainability in a technical environment and will conclude with an informal networking drink. Green Team Twente will bring their hydrogen car, and explain how they built the most efficient car that runs on hydrogen. Air Liquide, the company that supplies the hydrogen for Green Team Twente, will tell about their processes and view on sustainable development. Register by the website www.kivi.nl/studentstwente . A detailed programme for the evening is available on the KIVI website. There will be free drinks and there is no entrance fee.


*             Studium Generale – Symposium: Sinkholes in


Tuesday, the 27th of October @Vrijhof Ampitheater, 19:30-21:30

Twente is famous for its salt production. Boekelo and Twekkelo you’ll find many small sheds with pump installations. Because of the mining process deep down below huge caverns were formed. One of them formed a sinkhole. In order to find a sustainable solution engineers and geologists consider filling the unstable caverns with a solid material. Ashes from municipal waste incinerators could be used, but how safe is this method? It has never been tried before.Dr. Robert Hack, geologist at the ITC faculty, Explains the salt mining process and the formation of the caverns.Prof. Ibo van der Poel, philosopher at TU Delft, considers the ethical dilemmas regarding etc. this experimental technology. This program is a coproduction of Studium Generale, Science Shop UT, foundation Huize Earth and KIVI.










Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:


The sword would never have the words ‘Word War I’ engraved on it, because at that time, it was surely not called ‘World War I’, as World War II had not happened yet!


The new riddle is as follows:

Alice came across a lion and a unicorn in the Forest of Forgetfulness.

The lion lies every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and on all other days, he speaks the truth.

The unicorn lies every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and on all other days, he speaks the truth.

The lion said to Alice, “Yesterday, I was lying.”.

The unicorn added, “So was I.”

On what day of the week did this conversation take place?









*    Wednesday, 7 October

Lunch Colloquium by Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis: ‘Simon Stevin’ @Citadel T300. 12:45-13:30

*    Monday, 12 October

Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*    Thursday, 29 October

Willy Wonka’s BitterSweet Halloween @Ockham Room, 20:00





*    Thursday, 8 October

Kivi-Innovation Drinks: Sustainable Energy @Tge Gallery, 16:00-18:30

*    Tuesday, 27 October

Studium Generale-Symposium: Sinkholes in Twente @Vrijhof Ampitheater, 19:30-21:30











*    1 Ocktober

Loraine Busetto (25)

*    2 October

Ye Xiang (25)

Martin Assen (24)

*    4 October

Daan Kampherbeek (19)

*    5 October

Anton van der Stoep (27)

*    6 October

Rianne van Dommelen (21)

Muhammad Nurfakhri (20)

*    7 October

Andrea Picazo (21)

*    12 October

Jessica Steur (25)

Richard Oliveira (25)

*    13 October

Sarah Verboom (21)

Paula Felix (20)

*    16 October

Guido Ritsema van Eck (19)

Tamara van der Linden (24)

*    17 October

Martijn Blom (23)

*    18 October

Daphne van Dijken (20)

*    19 October

Elmar Gool (25)

*    20 October

Daniel Felix Heritono (21)

*    22 October

Ronald Jong (24)

*    25 October

Szandra Iva’n (25)

*    26 October

Elmer Grob (31)

*    27 October

Ruben Akse (20)

*    30 October

Christian Utzerath (28)

*    31 October

Laura Dittmann (23)








Book: When Nietsche Wept

Author: Irvin D. Yalom

‘When Nietsche Wept’ is a richly evocative novel set in 19th-century Vienna on the eve of the birth of psychoanalysis.

The eminent physician Josef Breuer is asked to treat Friedrich Nietzsche’s suicidal despair after the end of a love affair – without his knowing it. The doctor devises an ingenious plan, which ultimately involves a young intern named Sigmund Freud.

The novel is an excellent review of the history of the philosophy and the psychoanalysis, and also of some of the main personalities of the last decades of the 19th century.



“Not to take possession of your life plan is to let your existence be an accident.”

“Time cannot be broken; that is our greatest burden. And our greatest challenge is to live in spite of that burden.”

Composed by the Secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 5, number 2

Ockham newsletter September






—Newsletter of September 2015—

Dear member,





*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday the 14th of September @ Theatercafé, 20:30




The start of a new study year is not complete without the first official drinks of the year. It is a good time to exchange stories about your vacation and catch up with your fellow honours students. So come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’


*               Pool-with-the-new-board

Thursday the 17th of September @ Enschede, city centre, 20:00



On the 15th of this month, the candidate Board is expected to officially take its place as the new Board of H. V. Ockham. In order to get all the members acquainted with the new board, a special fun activity has been organised; an activity that will be very enjoyable and completely free of cost (except drinks). The planned activity is Pool at the Bridge (Enschede city centre), at 20:00 on Thursday, the 17th of September. All the Ockham members are cordially invited to get to know the board members. You can sign up at www.hvockham.nl



*               Studium Generale – Peace through technology

Tuesday the 22nd of September @ Vrijhof, 19:30-21:00

— This symposium will be held in Dutch. —



Everyone knows that technology is used in warfare. We see and hear about it every day. However, can you use the same technology to bring and maintain peace? Is it possible to amplify social cohesion by using a technological design to prevent new conflicts and wars? This and more will be discussed by different speakers and organisations during the symposium.




*               General Members’ Meeting

As you all know, at the end of last study year, a new candidate board was chosen. This also means that it is time for a new General Members’ Meeting. The meeting will take place on Tuesday the 15th of September at 19:30h. The location will be announced later on.  You are all invited to come and learn what has happened the past year and what future plans have been made. We hope to see you then!


*               Committee market

At the 21st of September there will be a chance for you to become an active member! There will be a committee market, so you can get a lot of information and you can meet the current members of all the committees. If you would just like to have a small talk, that is of course also possible. There are also some snacks and drinks for you to enjoy. It will start at 19:30h in the main hall of the Ravelijn. If you can’t be there but would like to have some information about a committee or questions you can always mail to board@hvockham.com.


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.




Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the solution to the riddle is detailed below:




And now the new riddle:


A grandfather is telling his grandson war stories.


“At the end of World War 1, I was awarded for my bravery after saving a group of my men,” the grandfather says. “You see, we were fighting in northern France and one of our enemies threw a grenade at us. I managed to pick it up and throw it away before it exploded. So right after the war ended, a general gave me a sword, engraved with the words ‘Awarded for Bravery and Valor, A True Hero, World War 1’.”


The grandson thinks about the story for a minute and then says “Grandpa, that story can’t be true!” How did the grandson know?








*     Mo 14 Sept

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Tue 15 Sept

General Members’ Meeting @ 19:30h

*     Thu 17 Sept

Pool-with-the-new-board @ Enschede, city centre, 20:00

*     Mo 21 Sept

Committee market @ Main hall Ravelijn, 19:30



*     Tue 22 Sept

Studium Generale – Peace through technology@ Vrijhof, 19:30-21:00





*     1 September

Melissa van Nellestijn (22)

*     2 September

Leonie Broeze (26)

*     3 September

Max Busch (22)

Mona Yongchen Liu (24)

*     8 September

Ralph van Zwieten (23)

Hans Wendt (20)

*     10 September

Liset de Bruin (20)

Melisa Mangan (22)

Kim Schildkamp (36)

*     12 September

Leonie Starmann (21)

Gideon Simmelink (29)

*     13 September

Bayu Dharmaputra (20)

*     15 September

Xiao Zhu (32)

*     16 September

Mathias Quickert (20)

*     18 September

Jaap Slootbeek (22)

*     21 September

Sagy Ephrati (19)

*     23 September

Joke Noppers (35)

*     26 September

Amadeus Auracher (20)

*     27 September

Rogier Wildeboer (25)




Semco Way, Ricardo Semler

In his book Semco Way, writer Ricardo Semler and owner and CEO of Semco, reports on the manner in which the Brazilian company Semco changed  from an over organised bureaucracy into a democratically governed company. Creativity and innovation play a key-role in this change that is still observable even after 20 years. The success of the company after this change is phenomenal. The book describes not only the workings of the company but also the style in which the company thrives. The Semco way of working can be described as a new, human, productive, stimulating and in every way a rewarding manner of working. It is a fun and inspiring read. A must for anyone interested in working with others, no matter what level you are in at a company.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 5, number 1




Ockham newsletter August






—Newsletter of August 2015—

Dear member,




*               General update


Summer has fully started now and most of us will probably be in full vacation mode. Last month, no official activities took place so there is not much to update on. This will therefore be a shorter-than-usual newsletter. In September the newsletter will be in its usual form with new activities among which the General Members’ Meeting. More information will follow the upcoming month. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and until September!



Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.




Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the following riddle actually has two possible solutions that are detailed below:


One hamster is going to St. Ives (the narrator). Because the narrator "met" all of the others mentioned in the poem, this implies that they walked past each other in opposite directions, and thus none of the wives, sacks, cats, or kits was actually headed to St. Ives.


In the second solution you can assume that all the people, sacks, and animals mentioned were heading for St. Ives. In this case, we would have 1 narrator + 1 man + 7 wives + 49 sacks + 343 cats + 2401 kits = 2802 total going to St. Ives. However, this isn’t the traditional answer.


The next riddle pertains to the image below:



Look at the 9 dots in this image. Can you draw 4 straight lines, without picking up your pen from the paper, that go through all 9 dots?






*     2 August

Frederiek Wesel (21)

*     3 August

Hannah Ruppelt (23)

*     4 August

Noor Godijk (20)

Brian Chang (20)

*     5 August

Anna Ross (31)

*     6 August

Ruud van Damme (60)

*     9 August

Eva Leemans (24)

*     10 August

Tobias Vermeer (22)

*     13 August

Martijn van Bergen (20)

Lisette Groeneveld (21)

*     14 August

Daan Poppema (22)

*     15 August

Frank Brussel (28)

*     19 August

Victor Reijnders (22)

*     20 August

Laurens Klein Kranenburg (24)




‘Het Kantelingsalfabet’,
Richard van der Lee & Pieter Taffijn, among other co-authors

Change your thoughts and you change your world. That is the central thought that brought this book into ‘creation’. More than 90 authors worked together to write this book; to tell their vision. Within four months the writers managed to tell a story about inspiration and visions, starting with A and ending with Z. Amongst other things, themes like society and education play a central role in this book.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 12




Ockham newsletter July






—Newsletter of July 2015—

Dear member,




*               General update


The last month of this study year had two large activities: lasergaming and the lunch lecture about Green Team Twente. A group of about 30 members went lasergaming in Hengelo. Four teams faced off in the dark rooms while showing their shooting capabilities. During breaks there was an opportunity to cool down with unlimited drinks and by playing some games of pool. It was a fun activity at the end of the year. The lunch lecture was also very interesting. Jan Lenssen gave us a good insight into the workings of Green Team Twente and what it takes to build a sustainable hydrogen powered car. All in all, I think we can look back on a year with great activities. Mostly, we have the committees to thank for that, but of course also the members that were always eager to attend the different activities and all other people that were willing to support us. Thanks to you all for that and of course a happy holiday and until next study year!




More information on the activities as well as photographs can be found on our website. If you want to go to the activity reports directly, than you can click on the following link: http://hvockham.nl/category/reports/


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.




Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:


Fill the 5-gallon jug to the top, and then pour it into the 3-gallon jug until the 3-gallon jug is full. You now have 2 gallons remaining in the 5-gallon jug. Pour out the 3-gallon jug, and then pour the 2 gallons from the 5-gallon jug into the 3-gallon jug. Finally, fill the 5-gallon jug to the top and pour it into the 3-gallon jug until it’s full. Since there was only space left for 1 more gallon in the 3-gallon jug, you now have exactly 4 gallons in the 5-gallon jug.




And now the new riddle:


A hamster was going to St. Ives
It met a man with seven wives
The seven wives had seven sacks
The seven sacks had seven cats
The seven cats had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks and wives
How many were going to St. Ives?













*     4 July

Karlijn van Voorthuizen (19)

Anindya Pakhira (26)

*     8 July

Janneke Hamburg (22)

*     11 July

Lisanne Oude Maatman (25)

*     12 July

Nathalie Geerlings (22)

*     13 July

Mike Visser (22)

*     15 July

Stefan Rascu (24)

*     16 July

Maaike Hillerström (21)

Caroline Löbker (23)

Max Haker (25)

*     17 July

Stefan van Langevelde (26)

*     18 July

Ragheed Haddad (24)

*     19 July

Sanne Groot (22)

Lukas Spielberger (22)

*     23 July

Vincent de Boer (21)

Gloria Grommisch (25)

*     26 July

Gersom Post Hospers (25)

*     27 July

Dieuwke Maas (19)

*     29 July

Sarah Schöttler (20)




Wild, Cheryl Strayed


Wild tells the story of Cheryl who starts an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike after her life has spiralled out of control. She is lost after her mother dies, her family falls apart and her marriage dissolves. She decides to hike from California to Oregon on the Pacific Crest trail to be alone and to learn to be independent and strong. Along the way, she faces many difficulties and meets a variety of different people. The writer manages to tell the journey with great suspense and style and with just a touch of humour. The experiences of one young woman forging ahead against all odds are captured vividly.  It is just an honest and inspiring story that is beautifully written.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 11




Ockham newsletter June






—Newsletter of June 2015—

Dear member,




*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday the 8th of June @ Theatercafé, 20:30




The DriCie will once again organise a surprise during the upcoming drinks. This drink will be the last one this college year. So come have a drink with your fellow H.V. Ockham students before the summer holiday kicks in. Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’


*               Lasergaming

Tuesday the 16th of June @ De Tapperij, 20:00-23:30




On June the 16th there will be a big activity where we will laser game. We can relax in between games with unlimited drinks during a game of pooling. You can show your strength and strategies in eliminating your fellow students during the laser gaming and you can demonstrate your skills and legerity during the pooling. This will be the last activity of the year so make sure you will join us! You can sign up on the website: www.hvockham.nl, but you have to be quick because there are only 28 places available. The costs will be €15.


*               Lunch colloquium: Jan Lenssen

Thursday the 18th of June @ 12:30-13:30


Afbeelding weergeven op Twitter


On Thursday the 18th of June, the last lunch colloquium of this year will take place. This time Jan Lenssen, Honours programme alumnuse, will give a talk about Green Team Twente. Jan was one of the 21 students who worked really hard this year on a sustainable hydrogen powered car with which they participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe which took place on the last weekend of May this year. They competed against more than 200 teams of students in a race that is not about speed, but about eco-friendly driving. During his presentation, Jan will tell us about his experiences, the team, his role, the race itself and much more.  The presentation will be interesting for everyone and as always the Sympcie will provide a delicious lunch. For only €1,- you can enjoy some delicious SUBWAY sandwiches. There are limited places, so hurry with signing up for the activity! See you then!




*               General update

Last month, we held application meetings for a candidate board.  More information about the candidate board can be found below. A few exciting activities took place as well. The ACCIE organised a well-attended scavenger hunt with lots of interesting and fun tasks to fulfil. We also had the study tour take place. The StuCie did a great job organising everything. More information on the activities as well as photographs can be found on our website. If you want to go to the activity reports directly, than you can click on the following link: http://hvockham.nl/category/reports/

*               Study Tour

In the beginning of May the Study Tour Building Bridges took place. We visited different organisations and universities Sweden and Denmark, at which we had very inspiring and impressive lectures and discussions. During the evenings we could explore and admire the beautiful cities of Malmö and Copenhagen. If you would like to come in contact with one of the speakers, you can contact the committee. If you have some points of feedback, please let us know by filling out the survey you got. The Study Tour Committee would like to thank all participants for the wonderful time it was!

*               Candidate board

The study year is almost over so it was time that a candidate board was chosen. In May, every member had the opportunity to apply for a board position and now the candidate board has been selected. Below they will shortly introduce themselves.


Chairman: Yorick Fredrix



Hi I am Yorick Fredrix, I am 20 years old and study Civil Engineering 2nd year of the bachelor at this moment. In the honours program I am part of the ninth generation, during this program I have mostly followed design modules. During the week I live in Enschede and in most weekends I live in Veldhoven. During my free time I like to hang out with some friends, or play some games. Within the association I am very active and have been in various committees. Next year I will be part of the seventh board of this association in which I will be the chairman.


Secretary: Saumitra Athlekar



My name is Saumitra Athlekar, and I come from India, from a big city called Pune (population>3.5million), a stark contrast to Enschede. I study Electrical Engineering at the UT, and have been following the Math course for the Honours programme. I have a variety of hobbies, such as travelling, painting, swimming, playing Badminton, writing poetry/essays, playing certain Indian musical instruments, etc. but first and foremost, I’m a voracious reader. I like to read all kinds of

books, such as novels, or mythology, or texts on science, theology, philosophy and psychology. I also like learning new languages, and anything new, really.


Treasurer: Liset de Bruin




Hi everyone! My name is Liset de Bruin and I am currently in the second year of the bachelor psychology. I started the honours programme in February 2014 and will hopefully finish it at the end of this academic year. In my free time I like to sport, watch movies, travel or go shopping with my friends. In the candidate board, I am the treasurer. My aim, next to taking care of the finances, is to let Ockham develop even more. I am really looking forward to working together with the candidate board and am eager to make Ockham even better!


Commissioner of Internal affairs: Hanna de Wolf



My name is Hanna de Wolf. I am 20 years old and in my second year of bachelor biomedical engineering. I come from Leiden, but live most of the time on the campus in Enschede. In my own time I like to play piano, do power yoga, zumba and I like to hang out with my friends. In the candidate board, I am the commissioner of internal affairs. My goal is to make sure that everybody has a nice time during drinks and activities. I look forward to work with the other candidate members and make Ockham an even greater association. 


Commissioner of External affairs: Fernon Eijkhoudt



My name is Fernon Eijkhoudt and I’m 20 years old. Throughout the week I live in Enschede and in the weekends I live in Raalte. At Saturdays I work in a distribution center of Albert Heijn. I study Biomedical Engineering (second year bachelor). During the honours programme I’ve followed among

others the Manhattan Project, individual project and Dynamic systems. In my spare time I like to game once in a while and go to parties. My function in the 7th board will be external affairs. This means I will be handling the collaborations with different companies and bringing in money. The goal of this year is to at least equal Noor’s achievements or surpass them.


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.




*               KIVI – Innovation drink Twente Creative Technology

Thursday the 4th of June @ The Gallery, Hengelosestraat 705,

 16:30-19:00 (Dutch)



During these drinks speakers Jacques Stevens, president of Stevens Idé Partners and Jurnan Schilder, teacher of the year will be present. The presentation of Jacques Stevens is about designing in the Business-2-Business market and other trends within the design field. Jurnan Schilder will have a talk about the rollercoaster of the future. At the end you have the opportunity to have some discussions and broaden your network, while enjoying some drinks and food. Participation is for free, including the drinks at the Grand Café of The Gallery. Register by sending an email to elfride.dijkstra@kivi.nl.


*      NHC – National Honours Conference 2015: Being authentic

Friday the 12th of June @ KPN Utrecht, 9:30-17:00



The NHC is the national event for every honours student in the Netherlands. Interesting lectures and workshops will be held about the theme ‘Being Authentic’. Follow Jeroen Duijser’s workshop on discovering your authentic self or listen to Arjen Banach’s lecture on authenticity and its relation to leadership. The costs will be €5. More information about different lectures and workshops, as well as the sign up form can be found on the website: http://honoursconference.nl/.




Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:


The hamster should ask "If I asked your brother what the good door is, what would he say?"

If the hamster would ask the truth-telling brother, he will point to the bad door, because this is what the lying brother would point to.

Alternatively, if the hamster would ask the lying brother, he will also point to the bad door, because this is NOT what the truth-telling brother would point to.

So whichever door is pointed to, the hamster should go through the other one.




And now the new riddle:


A hamster has two jugs, one that holds exactly 3 gallons, and one that holds exactly 5 gallons. Using just these two jugs and a fire hose, how can it measure out exactly 4 gallons of water?









*     Mo 8 June

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Tue 16 June

Lasergaming @ De Tapperij, 20:00-23:30

*     Thu 18 June

Lunch colloquium: Jan Lenssen @ 12:30-13:30



*     Thu 4 June

KIVI – Innovation drink Twente Creative Technology @ The Gallery, Hengelosestraat 705, 16:30-19:00

*     Fri 12 June

NHC – National Honours Conference 2015: Being authentic @ KPN Utrecht, 9:30-17:00





*     3 June

John Delamare (29)

*     4 June

Normen Oude Booijink (22)

Riëlle Visschedijk (20)

Desislava Kathrin Kalcheva (28)

Douwe Schotanus (19)

*     8 June

Chris van Lieshout (26)

*     9 June

Constantin Greim (23)

Kei Long Cheung (26)

*     10 June

Linda Holland (23)

*     17 June

Jakob Martin (20)

*     18 June

Jurjen Hendriks (27)

*     20 June

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis (50)

*     21 June

Marinke van der Helm (24)

*     22 June

Jarno Bredenoord (20)

Henk Procee (69)

*     23 June

Lucas Braakhuis (19)

*     27 June

Cees Trouwhorst (23)

*     28 June

Mark Krone (19)

Sander Visser (22)




What if? Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions, Randall Munroe

What If?

What if is an imaginative, fun, comical and interesting read about finding the answers to a multitude of scientific questions: how dangerous is it, really, to be in a swimming pool in a thunderstorm? What if everyone only had one soulmate? What would happen if the moon went away? Randall Munroe manages to explain the laws of science in operation in a way that every intelligent reader will enjoy and feel much the smarter for having read. He has a laconic comedy that consistently fascinates and entertains the reader. If you are want to read am interesting spin on many scientific questions, then this is an absolute must read. And as Randall Munroe wrote: “They say there are no stupid questions. That’s obviously wrong… But it turns out that trying to thoroughly answer a stupid question can take you to some pretty interesting places.”


Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 10




Ockham newsletter April






—Newsletter of April 2015—

Dear member,

Breaking news

March has gone by and April has come, so it is once again time for the newsletter to be published. You may wonder why this newsletter hasn’t started with an introduction from our very own chairman. Well, the answer is simple. As you have probably noticed by now, we are working on a new lay-out for the newsletter. A few columns have been edited out, such as the introduction ‘from the chairman’, which I mentioned before, but also the picture game ‘where is the ockhamster’. Other topics have been added in the last few months, mainly the riddle of the month section. Do you also have some creative ideas for a change in the newsletter? You can send your ideas, tips and comments to nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl. Then maybe we will see your ideas in the next newsletter.


You should also check out the notice about our search for a new board for the upcoming study year, which has been posted under the updates section.





*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday the 20th of April @ Theatercafé, 20:30



Last month, the DriCie organised their first official drinks! They surprised members with home baked Ockham cookies! Are you wondering what they have in mind for next time? Join the next drinks and bring an orange accessory in the spirit of the upcoming King’s day! Also, during the drinks, some information will be given about our search for a new board. Our mascot, the Ockhamster will be present as well and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’


*               Lunch colloquium: How long is a Wadden Island?

Thursday the 23rd of April @ Citadel T300, 12:45 – 13:30


Colloquium- Pieter Roos


Barrier coasts, covering about 10% of the world’s coastline, are densely populated areas subject to the potentially conflicting interests of economy, coastal safety and ecology. These aspects are evident for the Wadden Sea, a mesotidal barrier coast located in North-West Europe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unique geomorphological and ecological values, yet also economically important for its natural resources and tourism, and furthermore vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise. These conflicts make adequate and sustainable management of barrier coasts a challenging task. Currently, Wadden Sea management explores a policy shift allowing more natural behaviour, by which the dynamics of the North Sea zone becomes part of the identity of the islands. Achieving this goal without jeopardizing safety requires knowledge of the long-term morphodynamics, including natural behaviour and response to external changes. This particularly concerns the tidal inlets between barrier islands (“zeegaten”). In this lunch talk, Dr. ir. Pieter Roos (Assistant Professor in Water Engineering & Management, Civil Engineering) will present an exploratory model that explains various observed relationships of barrier island length and environmental parameters. As a free lunch you can enjoy a nice cup of soup and some ‘broodjes knakworst’ as we call it in Dutch.


*               Games night (2)

Wednesday the 29th of April @ Ravelijn, 20:00 – 23:30



After the success of last time, there will be another games night. So do you like to play old fashioned board games or like to show your strategic skills or just get thrilled by winning. This is your chance to do so! There will be some nice games present, but if you know a fantastic board game and you would like to play this with us, you are encouraged to bring it and challenge your fellow students. We hope to see you all! The activity is free of charge and will include some drinks and nice snacks. Sign up at www.hvockham.nl



*               KIVI – Presentation smart industry and Fieldlabs

Wednesday the 8th of April @ Drienerburght, 19:00 – 21:30



Because of new production technologies and the increased integration of ICT in the process of development, producing and distributing, the industry is currently experiencing a radical change. As a country, the Netherlands should anticipate this by Smart Industry. Drs. Ing. Marc Leeuw, a business development manager at Oost N.V. and co-author of Boost (a Smart Industry Oost-Nederland action agenda) will speak during the presentation alongside Ger van der Endt, director of TRUMPF Nederland. Of course, there is always an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the material. De meeting will be followed up by some drinks at the Drienerburght bar. There are no costs for this presentation. However, it should be noted that the lecture will be held in Dutch. You can sign up at www.kivi.nl/ron or sent an email to elfride.dijkstra@kivi.nl. More information can be found on the KIVI website.




*               General update

Last month, not many activities took place, but the ACCIE organised a well visited Pool game and the Reunion where even a few alumni joined us at the cocktail workshop. More information on the activities as well as photographs can be found on our website. If you want to go to the activity reports directly, than you can click on the following link: http://hvockham.nl/category/reports/


*               New board 2015-2016




As you all know, the end of this study year is approaching, which means that the search for applicants for the 7th board of H.V. Ockham has begun again. Are you interested in becoming part of a board but do not want to stop your study for a year? Then our association’s part-time board is just the place for you. We are looking for motivated students that want to do something extra. Some more information will be given during the Second-Monday-of-the-month-Drinks and during an interest meeting on the 12th of May, accompanied by a nice dinner. If you want more information or want to attend the meeting, please send an email to secretaris@hvockham.nl.


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl.


ASML advertisement:

At ASML we bring together the most creative minds in science and technology to develop lithography machines that are key to producing cheaper, faster, more energy-efficient microchips. Our machines need to image billions of structures in a few seconds with an accuracy of a few silicon atoms. So if you’re a team player who enjoys the company of brilliant minds, who is passionate about solving complex technological problems, you’ll find working at ASML a highly rewarding experience. Per employee we’re one of Europe’s largest private investors in R&D, giving you the freedom to experiment and a culture that will let you get things done. Join ASML’s expanding multidisciplinary teams and help us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.







Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:

The riddle was just an example of misdirection. It is actually nonsensical to add 27 nuts + 2 nuts, because the 27 nuts that has been paid includes the 2 nuts the bellhop made. The correct math is to say that the hamsters paid 27 nuts, and the bellhop took 2 nuts, which, if given back to the hamsters, would bring them to their correct payment of 27 nuts – 2 nuts = 25 nuts.


The new riddle is as follows (an additional hint is also given):


There is a small town in the Midwest with exactly 2 barbershops, one on each side of town. The barbershop on the west side of town is pristine. Its floors are spotless, the windows are always perfectly clear, and the air always smells fresh. The barber has a friendly smile, shined shoes, a well-groomed head of hair, and a fancy shirt. The barbershop on the east side of town is a mess. Its floors and windows are dirty, and the air smells of garbage. The barber always has a grimace on his face. His skin is oily, his hair is short and ragged, and he has food on his clothes all the time.



A hamster travelling through the town realizes it needs a haircut. Knowing the stories of the two barbers, the hamster decides to go to the dirty barbershop on the east side of town. Why does it do this?













*     Mo 20 April

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Thu 23 April

Lunch colloquium: How long is a Wadden Island? @ Citadel T300, 12:45 – 13:30

*     Wed 29 April

Games night (2) @Ravelijn, 20:00 – 23:30



*     Wed 8 April

KIVI –  Presentation smart industry and Fieldlabs @ Drienerburght, 19:00 – 21:30





*     1 Apr

Lydwien Mathijssen (23)

*      2 Apr

Belinda Brandwacht (22)

Vincent Bloemen (24)

*     3 Apr

Zixuan Peng (22)

*     4 Apr

Hannah Jung (20)

*     5 Apr

Tim Broenink (23)

*     6Apr

Martin Essink (20)

Sophia Wolf (23)

Thomas Visser (27)

*     8 Apr

Jan Papenfuss (25)

*     12 Apr

Iris van den Nieuwenhuizen (24)

*     13 Apr

Nico Hendrickx (21)

*     15 Apr

Dominik Schindler (21)

Koen van Cooten (21)

Maran Noltes (22)

*     18 Apr

Jeroen Monteban (22)

Jonas Madiwe (25)

*     21 Apr

Marieke Olsman (23)

*     22 Apr

Rona Yurismono (21)

Dora Timmer (23)

*     24 Apr

Anna Nielsen (22)

*     26 Apr

Franziska Eckhardt (22)

*     28 Apr

Lars Corbijn van Willenswaard (24)

Sander Wildeman (28)

*     29 Apr

Michelle Jansman (23)




Kyra de Lange:

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love,  Cal Newport

Steve Jobs has motivated massive crowds of students, bored workers and other people by telling them to find out their passion, like he did, to find a job that they love. The author of this book, Cal Newport, thinks this is bad advice and that you should first build up the necessary skills to gain a certain reputation in your field: to become so good you cannot be overlooked. Newport, once a top student in college, describes through different examples how to build such a skill set and reputation and why dropping out of college or quitting your job to find your passion isn’t going to do you much good. I recommend this for all college students who are wondering how to find work that you love while still being successful.




















Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 8




Ockham newsletter March






—Newsletter of March 2015—

Dear member,




Dear Member,


Still seeing the snow before my eyes, hearing it squeak under my feet and feeling the wind rush by. After spending some time in the snow with some of our members, it is time to come back to the real world again. February was a very busy month, with many activities. If you needed a rest after all colloquia or the chocolate fondue, luckily you could have some relaxing time in our wonderful new association’s room.


In March there will come an end to the honours programme for several of our members. On March 11th the Honours diplomas are being rewarded. I would like to think about something Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India once said: “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” After the Honours Programme I am certain that most of us have a bright future with lots of great experiences.


The yearly reunion will also be organized in March. Besides this, we will welcome some new active members for our committees. If that is not enough for you, we are looking forward to seeing you in the Ockham-room.


Kind regards,


Rianne van Dommelen





*               Opening association room

On Monday the 2nd of February, after months of preparation, our new association room was finally opened. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis opened the room to about 20 members. It was a great success. Members who have not seen the room yet, can always come by during breaks or on Monday or Wednesday evenings to drink some coffee or tea, to relax or to study. More information about (additional) opening times can be found on www.hvockham.nl.

*               Lunch reading ASML

While eating a delicious subway sandwich Anne, a representative and employee of ASML, told us about the process behind the creation of chips. ASML is a company specialised in making machines that produce chips. Those chips can be found everywhere. Did you know that there are over 30 chips in an IPhone 3? Two student ASML promotors told a short story about great scholarship opportunities ASML has to offer. Next to the subway lunch, ASML sponsored goody bags that were handed out during the lunch. Overall, everyone enjoyed a good lunch and had a great time listening to the lecture.

*               Diner colloquium: Een enkeltje Mars (Dutch)

Almost 150 people followed the lectures of Govert Schilling and Wim Dijkshoorn during the diner colloquium about the Mars One Project. Mars One wants to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Govert Schilling gave his opinion on the project as well as his thoughts on the one way ticket to Mars. Wim Dijkshoorn told us about his participation in the race to go to Mars. In this race, it will be decided which four people will depart for a mission to the red planet. Two in a way opposite opinions about the project, made this an interesting evening. The mars ice cream during the break, made sure that everyone present would attend the second part, the theatrical performance of ATLAS students, with a clear head. We hope that we can work together with Studium Generale and KIVI in the upcoming year as well to organise another successful dinner colloquium.

*               Chocolate fondue

During this activity all those present could enjoy some chocolate goodness and all kinds of fruits, cookies and sugary sweetness. It was a great way to get to know each other better, talking some about our interests and all the while enjoying the taste of chocolate.


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*               Reunion activity: Cocktail workshop

Saturday the 7th of March @ Café Cuvée, 15:30 – 17:00

This activity will be devoted to the ‘oldies’ of our Honours association, that is, people who finished the program and would still like to meet up with their fellow Ockham members. However, all other honours students are also encouraged to sign-up at www.hvockham.nl.  During the workshop we will learn how to make ‘n shake those cocktails and serve them to the customer with an entertaining twist. Afterwards there is the possibility to dine together in the city centre. Costs for the workshop are €10. Dinner costs are for yourself.

*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday the 9th of March @ Theatercafé, 20:30

During the drinks, the DriCie will once again organise some entertainment for those present. So come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’

*               Pool

Tuesday the 24th of March @ Snooker en Poolcentrum Enschede, 20:00 – 23:30

Do you want to have a nice and relaxing evening? Then come and join us during a game of pool. The sport is quite popular amongst  students. If you do not know the game, that is no problem. You can simply learn it during the evening. Costs will be on us, except for the drinks. Interested? Then sign up at www.hvockham.nl.



*               Studium Generale – Dunglish

Tuesday the 10th of March @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 19:30-21:00

‘Spring is in the air’ said Churchill to our former Dutch prime minister Gerbrandy, who replied: ‘Why should I?’ English seems to become a predominant language in the Netherlands, especially in big companies and at universities. This might lead to some confusion, but perhaps it will also enrich the English language. Alison Edwards who works at the University of Cambridge, states that ‘new’ Englishes arise from Asia, Africa and Europe. She emphasises the role of postcolonial processes and the forces of globalisation. Are we at the dawn of Dunglish, a Dutch variety of English?




Three hamsters check into a hotel room. The bill is 30 nuts so they each pay 10 nuts. After they go to the room, the hotel’s cashier realizes that the bill should have only been 25 nuts. So he gives 5 nuts to the bellhop and tells him to return the money to the hamsters. The bellhop notices that 5 nuts can’t be split evenly between the three hamsters, so he keeps 2 nuts for himself and then gives the other 3 nuts to the guests.


Now the guests, with their dollars back, have each paid 9 nuts for a total of 27 nuts. And the bellhop has pocketed 2 nuts. So there is 27 + 2 = 29 nuts accounted for. But the guests originally paid 30 nuts. What happened to the other dollar?




The chocolate fondue brought around two dozen members together that could enjoy an after dinner snack in the newly opened association room.











*     Sa 7 March

Reunion activity: Cocktail workshop @ Café Cuvée, 15:30 – 17:00

*     Mo 9 March

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Tue 24 March

Pool @ Snooker en Poolcentrum Enschede, 20:00 – 23:30



*     Tue 10 March

Studium Generale – Dunglish @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 19:30-21:00


Homepage ASML




*     5 Mar

Kevin Hofhuis (21)

*     8 Mar

Noraly Bovenmars (22)

Silvano Gefferie (20)

*     9 Mar

Amber Walraven (35)

Ton Nguyen (22)

Marlies Kleinsman (23)

*     12 Mar

Jinfeng Zhu (31)

*     13 Mar

Maureen Materman (20)

*     14 Mar

Renske Veenstra (29)

Jan Willem Polderman (59)

*     15 Mar

Lieke Hermans (23)

*     17 Mar

Jennifer Pomp (28)

*     18 Mar

Bastiaan Bruinsma (24)

Li Guan Ju (22)

*     19 Mar

Annelotte Derkink (21)

*     20 Mar

Jorrit Bosma (23)

*     21 Mar

Nehal Mathur (20)

*     25 Mar

Felix van Urk (27)

*     30 Mar

Bertold Bitachon (21)

*     31 Mar

Julia Keizer (22)




Yorben Lodema:

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, Haruki Murakami

Do you know what would happen if the conscious and subconscious mind could be separated?

The protagonist in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World has undergone an experimental procedure to do exactly this. The reason for this risky procedure is being able to encrypt data in the most secure way possible. By separating the consciousness and subconsciousness, the subconscious mind can be used to encrypt data in a way that is unable to crack.

In the book, Murakami tells two parallel stories. One about a Calcutec, a human encryption machine, who has to encrypt important data for a professor while risking his life. The other story is about an unnamed person who has just arrived in a mysterious town where the skulls of the golden unicorns that live just outside the town are able to tell stories.

Upon reading this short summary, you may not fully understand what this book is about. I can tell you however, that it is an impressive read. Murakami has succeeded in portraying an interesting ‘wonderland’, and with it, I think he has captured (at least a part of) the essence of the human subconscious.


Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 7




Ockham newsletter February






—Newsletter of February 2015—

Dear member,




Dear members,


January is over, which means that at this time everyone has probably realized that they haven’t been able to fulfil their good intentions of the upcoming year. This gives no reason to be unhappy, because a lot of great things will be coming to you this month. After a long selection period the new Bachelor Honours students will start this Monday. After a great introduction activity, during which we could find out who is best at capturing flags, we are looking forward to welcome them to all of our great activities.


Also the study tour committee is working hard to organise a wonderful study tour to Denmark and Sweden. You can read more information about the tour below, but may I remind you that registration for the study tour will start this Monday!


Monday the 2nd of February is an important date, because the Ockham-room will also be opened! After long hours of preparation, the board will make sure that you have a great time during the lunch break. Come and drink some champagne with us at Citadel H209!


With kind regards,


Rianne van Dommelen




*               Opening association room

On Monday the 2nd of February, after months of preparation, our brand new association room will be opened at 12:30. All members are invited to come and watch the opening, as well as take a look around while enjoying a nice drink during the lunch break. The location of the room is Citadel H209. More information, like about opening hours, can be found on www.hvockham.nl.

*               Study Tour 2015

This year, the second Ockham study trip will take place. The following message was sent by the organising committee:


During January’s Second-Monday-of-the-Month-Drinks, Ockham’s Study Tour 2015 was announced. The study tour, Building Bridges, will be visiting two countries, Denmark and Sweden. In Denmark, we will be visiting the beautiful city of Copenhagen. In Sweden, we will be staying in Malmö, and we are very proud to announce the first excursion of this tour: a visit to the prestigious University of Lund! All of this will take place between 3 and 8 May of this year’. Additional information can be found on the website.

Do you want to join us on this Study Tour? You’ll have to enrol first. Enrolment will start tomorrow, February 2nd, and will remain open until February 13th. Afterwards, a draw will be performed to determine the participant list. You can sign up at: http://hvockham.nl/events/study-tour-registration/?zsid=23489b48f948183.

We hope you will all enrol for the Study Tour and join us in Building Bridges!


The Study Tour Committee 2015

Marit, Julia, Kyra, Joanne, Belinda, Caroline & Rianne


*               Workshop Dress for Success

The past month Cullinan Academy, a company that helps excellent master students to find their perfect employer, gave a workshop on how to dress for your application interview. Every member present was dressed in what they thought were application outfits. Well, we know better now! Maaike for Cullinan thought those present exactly what kind of cloths are best suited for their own type of facial contrast. She gave an insight into how you should dress yourself to be positively noticed at an interview and which colours each person would wear best. The workshop was very helpful and everyone had a great time!

*               Games Night

On the 8th of January the traditional Ockham-activity, the games night, took place. It was a night of (dis)honesty. It started with playing saboteur, trying to find our way to riches. After this it was time for one of Ockham’s favourite games, namely werewolves of Ockhamalot. We went back to the medieval times, trying to reveal werewolves. All in all it was a great night!

*               Bachelor Honours Programme

This February the next group of bachelor honours students will start their honours programme. This meant that it was time for the next Bachelor introduction. To get to know one another the ACCIE organised Living Stratego with a dinner. During this game full of trust and betrayal the students grouped up and got to know one another. It was a very fun activity with the extra dimension of having the game completely in the dark building the Ravelijn. We want to welcome the new Bachelor honours students and we hope to see them at many of our activities.


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday 9th of February @ Theatercafé, 20:30

Come and have a drink and play some games with H.V. Ockham and the Drinks Committee, the DriCie! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’

*               Lunch reading ASML

Thursday 12th of February @ RA 3231, 12:40 – 13:35



During this lecture the worldwide known company ASML will inform you about their company and the possibilities they have to offer you. ASML is not only interested in beta students but also in alpha/gamma students. As the world’s leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, ASML does not only need the best of technicians but also great administrators. They offer intern- and scholarships and have over 60 facilities worldwide. The structure reflects ASML’s business strategy, which is based on technology leadership, customer focus and operational excellence. ASML designs, develops, integrates, markets and services advanced systems used by customers – the major global semiconductor manufacturers – to create chips that power a wide array of electronic, communications and information technology products.

Are you interested into hearing what they have to offer you? Subscribe for this reading with free lunch at hvockham.nl!

*               Committee Market

Monday 16th of February @ Ravelijn, 20:15

Now that the new master and bachelor honours students have joined us, a committee market will be held once more. During this market, information will be given so you can learn everything about our committees. If you are interested in doing something extra apart from your Honours programme, then you should definitely check it out. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

*               Diner colloquium: Een enkeltje Mars (Dutch)

Tuesday 17th of February @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 17:30 – 20:00

Ockham will organise its yearly dinner colloquium with Studium Generale and Kivi. Govert Schilling, a science journalist with a passion for astronomy, and Wim Dijkshoorn, an anthropology student and one of the 700 candidates for the Mars mission, are giving lectures this evening. They will approach topics like: what does it take to organise such a mission? Why do people want to go to the red planet? And how useful is such a mission? Additionally, ATLAS students will give a simulation of a Mars colonisation. You can enrol by sending an email to kivi@utwente.nl. The entrance fee for dinner and the lectures is set at €5 euros to be paid in cash at the activity. Enrolment closes at February 10th.



*               KIVI– 2nd Friday Innovation Drinks: Sustainable energy at the University of Twente

Friday 13th of February @ The Gallery, 16:00 – 19:00
Students and young professionals in the field of engineering are invited to have an informal networking drink that includes two inspiring lectures.  Dr. Angèle Reinders, sustainable energy expert at University of Twente will speak about the challenges in using solar PV systems in buidings and products. Drs. Michel Arninkhof, manager Raedthuys Bio & Zon at Raedthuys Groep will speak about the business of sustainable energy and related financial products by Raedthuys Energie B.V. Would you like to broaden your professional network or are you curious about the future of sustainable energy products? Then get in touch, share your thoughts and broaden your network There will be free drinks and there is no entrance fee. For more information and registration, click here.  




There are 5 houses in 5 different colors. In each house lives a hamster with a different nationality. The 5 hamsters drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and keep a certain pet. No hamster has the same pet, smokes the same brand of cigar, or drinks the same beverage.



                The British hamster lives in the red house.

                The Swedish hamster keeps dogs as pets.

                The Danish hamster drinks tea.

                The green house is on the left of the white house.

                The green home’s hamster drinks coffee.

                The hamsters which smokes Pall Mall rears birds.

                The hamster of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.

                The hamster living in the center house drinks milk.

                The Norwegian hamster lives in the first house.

                The hamster which smokes Blend lives next to the one who keeps cats.

                The hamster which keeps the horse lives next to the hamster which smokes  Dunhill.

                The hamster which smokes Bluemaster drinks beer.

                The German hamster smokes prince.

                The Norwegian hamster lives next to the blue house.

                The hamster which smokes Blend has a neighbour hamster who drinks     water.


Which hamster owns the fish?




During the games night a small but enthusiastic group played different classical (board) games, one of which you can see on the photo.





The past month the ockhamster has once again visited different activities. Can you guess which activity and where the ockhamster is on the picture below?







*     Mo 2 February

Opening association room @ CI H209, 12:30

*     Mo 2 February

Opening study trip registration

*     Mo 9 February

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Thu  12 February

Lunch reading ASML @ RA 3231, 12:40 – 13:35

*     Mo 16 February

Committee Market Ravelijn, 20:15

*     Tue 17 February

Dinner colloquium: Een enkeltje Mars @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 17:30 – 20:00



*     Fr 13 February

KIVI –  2nd Friday Innovation Drinks: Sustainable energy at the University of Twente @ The Gallery, 16:00 – 19:00


Homepage ASML





*     5 Feb

Martijn Bakker (20)

*     6 Feb

Laura Beunk (19)

Zaduora Dai (21)

*     10 Feb

Bart Steensma (24)

*     12 Feb

Pascal Sleutel (28)

Rens Horst (19)

*     13 Feb

Stef Baas (21)

Rainer Mensing (21)

*     15 Feb

Jerom van Geffen (24)

*     16 Feb

Yorick Fredrix (20)

*     17 Feb

Chantal Molenwijk (21)

*     18 Feb

Torben Taros (22)

*     22 Feb

Shinwoo Back (24)

*     24Feb

Iris Willemsen (23)

*     25 Feb

Mathijs Kosters (19)

*     26 Feb

Fieke Hillerström (22)

Ingrid Brink (22)

*     28 Feb

Dylan Vogelsang (21)




The best place to be today:365 things to do & the perfect day to do them,
Lonely Planet


If you are interested in travelling then you should definitively read this book. It will take you on a journey to find inspiration for your next trip, an anniversary or birthday by discovering 365 amazing places to be for every day of the year. This book covers the best festivals, sporting events, adventures and natural phenomena on offer around the world. From one-day events like India’s Holi festival or cheese-rolling race in England, to seasonal events like Alaska’s caribou migration and weather-dependent adventures like completing the Tour de Mont Blanc. Even if you can’t visit any of the places in it, reading the book is still a journey in itself, in which you can get to know different cultures and landscapes from all over the world.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 6




Ockham newsletter January






—Newsletter of January 2015—

Dear member,




Dear Members,


The holidays are almost over and the year of 2015 has made its entry. The past month Sinterklaas and Christmas celebrations took place and momentarily everyone is still feeling tired and tasting the ‘oliebollen’ from last night’s celebration of New Year’s eve.


We have also celebrated the growth of Ockham in the past year. Literally, with the enormous increase of members, but also because of the realisation of the first study trip and lustrum. Also, we are happy to welcome the first group of master honours students into our association.


What’s left for me is to wish you all a very happy and inspiring new year!


Kind regards,


Rianne van Dommelen





*               General Members’ Meeting

In December the second General Members’ Meeting of the year took place. This GMM was held to decide on whether or not H.V. Ockham would get an association room in the Citadel (H209). In a unanimous vote the members have decided to accept the board’s proposal of the association room. This means that in January, after the room has been decorated, the honours association will officially have their own room where members can relax, study or where committees can have their meetings.

*               Sinterklaas/Christmas present game

To celebrate traditional holidays in December the ACCIE organised a very interesting dice game. Everyone present brought a few presents, which were divided among members during the game. Nobody knew what they would be taking home at the end of the evening so excitement and surprise remained until the end of the game. Some had more luck than others and went back home with more presents than they brought in. Overall, it was a great evening with the large group of members that were there.

*               Lunch colloquia

Dora Timmer held and interesting lecture about the pros and cons of volunteer work. In her case she was a volunteer at a children school in Peru. She shared some of her experiences with the local culture, the program AIESEC, and what it meant for her to be able to go abroad and become a volunteer. Last month, in addition to Dora’s colloquium, there was the lecture of the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School. Maura Dantuma and Tim Hermans talked about their experiences in China, the whole application process and their development during this journey. Both lectures were enlightening and have given us some new insights in going abroad.

*               Master Honours Programme

Last but not least, the MHP has to be addressed. The past month the introduction activities took place and the program has officially started up. As an intro activity to get to know the honours association, all students ate dinner and participated in the quiz. Once again welcome to all the new master honours students!


Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*               Games Night

Thursday 8th of January @ Ravelijn, 20:00

Do you also think about trading cows the whole day, or do you like to buy Hotels on Dorpsstraat Ons Dorp, or Old Kent Road if you wish, and take money from your fellow Honours Students, or do you like to earn stars by acquiring the longest trade route or do you just want to tease some poor dwarfs building a road to a crate of gold? Then you definitely want to come to this activity! The ACCIE will bring along several board games, however you are encouraged to bring them yourselves as well.

The Gaming Night will be a free activity, you will be provided with drinks and snacks as usual. Sign up at www.hvockham.nl

*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday 12th of January @ Theatercafé, 20:30

Come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham and celebrate the new year! The drinks committee, DriCie, will organise some small games to entertain us. The drinks will once again feature our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’

*               Workshop Dress for Success

Tuesday 13th of January @ 15:45 – 17:45

Every student wants to find a job after graduation. The first step to your dream job is applying. For this reason the board, in cooperation with Cullinan Academy, is organising a workshop to help our members attain their dream jobs. The workshop will teach you how to rock your outfit and how to handle applications! It is important that you all dress up in what you think is appropriate clothing for an application. Please subscribe on the website and on Facebook. The workshop is free and will be given in Dutch.



*               Studium Generale – Sport symposium

Tuesday 13th of January @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 19:30 – 21:00

This symposium focusses on the physical and mental aspects of rowing, but is also interesting for other team sports in its emphasis on psychology. Lectures will be held by Dr. Kurt Jensen, a former and elite rower who developed some of the sports most revered evaluation and training methods, and Dr. Rico Schuijers, a sport psychologist who supported many athletes from different sports to reach their goals during several Olympic Games.




Mr. Ockham is the proud owner of many hamsters. One of the

hamsters took his keys. Mr. Ockham has narrowed the suspects

down to three hamsters: hamster #1, hamster #2 and hamster

#3. Each of these hamsters give these statements:


Hamster #1: I didn’t do it.

Hamster #2: I didn’t do it.

Hamster #3: Hamster #2 did it!


Mr. Ockham knows that only one of the hamsters is telling the

truth. Which one is telling the truth and who took the keys?




The official board photo has finally been taken. During the General Members’ Meeting the members present got the chance to vote for the photo they thought was the best one.





Many interesting events took place this month and because of that the Ockhamster has once again travelled from place to place. Can you guess where he is this time?







*     Thu 8 January

Games Night @ Ravelijn, 20:00

*     Mo 12 January

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Tue 13 January

Workshop Dress for Success @ 15:45 – 17:45



*     Tue 13 January

Studium Generale –Sport symposium @ Vrijhof/Amphitheatre, 19:30 – 21:00




*     4 Jan

Alexander Dijkshoorn (20)

*     6 Jan

Jules Hazeleger (20)

*     8 Jan

Anna Kaal (20)

Boudewijn van den Berg (22)

Tom Hendriks (26)

*     11 Jan

Hendrik Mischo (22)

Job Egberink (27)

*     12 Jan

Ines Schulze Horn (22)

Tim van Schagen (20)

*     13 Jan

Nick Eleveld (20)

*     15 Jan

Koen Dwarshuis (21)

Barbara Steffen (21)

Luuk Oudshoorn (24)

*     16 Jan

Anne Charlotte van Blokland (24)

*     17 Jan

Roy van Koten (30)

*     19 Jan

Tim Buzink (20)

Jan Lenssen (22)

*     20 Jan

Floor Maten (23)

*     22 Jan

Sam de Roover (21)

*     27 Jan

Marit Ligtenberg (21)

*     30 Jan

Tim Wisse (21)

Anne Garretsen (26)




Caroline Löbker:

The Angel Maker,
Stefan Brijs


Doctor Victor Hoppe is a strange man – that is one thing the villagers agree on quickly after the doctor returns to his home village of Wolfsheim. But the doctor is not alone. He brought with him three very young babies, identical triplets. Hoppe turns out to be a very good doctor and the villagers slowly start to trust him. But hardly anybody ever gets to see the three boys, who are very ill. Where the boys came from is unclear. The Angel Maker tells the extraordinary story of this Doctor and his children and the strange effect this family has on its surroundings. As the story evolves, both the past and the present disclose more of the background and the reader gets to understand what is going on with Victor and his three children, called Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, after the three archangels.

The Angel Maker is a book with a lot of unexpected changes. It is a story of science and human nature, which keeps your attention till the very last page. Very hard to put down, but a very impressive story that will stick to you.


Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 5




Ockham newsletter December






—Newsletter of December 2014—

Dear member,




Dear Members,


While the university celebrated her 53rd Dies Natalis, we were all reminiscing about two fantastic weeks, filled with Lustrum activities. Thank you for joining me, during these two weeks, in the city of Ockhamalot. Also, some special thanks to the Lustrum committee for organising all of this. After the Lustrum, the Week of Inspiration took place. Many of the organising committee members are Ockham members and I believe they did a great job. It was a very inspiring week!


Now, we have already arrived in December and the end of the year is nearby. But before all champagne drinking (or something less expensive for most of us) starts, we will enjoy some nice activities. ‘Sinterklaas’ is in the country, and he will also be visiting Ockham. A week before, you can learn everything about the NAHSS and make a decision about a possible association room during the GMM.


What remains is to wish you all, on behalf of the 6th board of H.V. Ockham, a very nice Christmas and a happy New Year!


Kind regards,


Rianne van Dommelen





*               Lustrum

This last month the first Ockham lustrum took place. Therefore the committee has written a letter to all members to reflect on the two enjoyable and successful weeks. More information about activities or photos of the events can be found on www.hvockham.nl.


Dear members of Ockham,

The lustrum celebrations of Ockham have come to an end. Two weeks of celebrations started for us in early May of this year. After we had decided on the theme, Ockhamalot (which brought us to the Middle Ages), we set to work on organising all of the different events. Meetings were often chaotic but always lots of fun – especially when we started rehearsing for the theme presentation on October 13th. The well attended presentation brought us the realisation that the celebrations were approaching fast and we set to work even harder.

Time flew by and on the 10th of November we were standing in our purple jumpers welcoming everybody to the celebrations. The participant information for the Quest for the Holy Grail was handed out and everybody was very keen to get started.  The image of Ockham’s knights sitting spread around the Theatercafé, secretly looking to see who their target was, was very amusing to observe.

That everybody was keen on the game starting, was proved the following evening, when almost all conversations at the Movienight with Atlantis were on the Quest. Fittingly, we watched Monthy Pythons “The Quest for the Holy Grail”, which was then followed by “The Life of Brian”. The Movienight was a great success.

There was not a lot of time for rest though, since the following day the first Knights’ Games started. During this first day the knights got familiar with a traditional game of mediaeval times: stoolball. Although they did not know what the rules were, they tried their best. The blue team turned out to cope best with the unknown rules of the ball game, and won eternal glory.

Afterwards, there was some time to recover before we visited the Twentse Brewery on Saturday. That only 10 people attended could not tamper the enthusiasm of our guide, the funder of the Brewery. His passionate story on the making of beer was very interesting, and the beer tasting afterwards was enjoyed by all.


After a quiet weekend, the second Knights’ Games were scheduled on Tuesday. Everybody enjoyed some lunch, before starting with the first part. Ring stabbing on space hoppers proved more difficult than many would have imagined and all participants (as well as the organization) had lot of fun. Fernon proved to be the best stabber this time; he was the only one that managed to get the spear through the ring at all three tries. Afterwards, a game of Six Men’s Morris was played, which was quickly won by the pencil-less team, which was again lead by Fernon.


Thursday brought along the Treasure Hunt. After a nice dinner at Rhodos, the group was divided into two teams which both defied the cold and went searching through Enschede. Different landmarks from past times were visited and at every Point, questions were to be answered, which gave access to a puzzle. The puzzle in turn pointed towards the next location. Especially a circular turning puzzle proved very tricky, but both teams managed to find all locations. Eventually, team Arthur scored just a few more points, making them the winners of the Treasure Hunt.

All the while, the Quest for the Holy Grail had been running. In the first few days, many knights were taken out, but those numbers decreased as time passed. Less and less people remained and people were more cautious. Some participants could be seen chasing each other around campus or hiding in corners. Eventually, only Rianne and Bob remained. But Rianne was not careful enough and Bob took her out by a touch of a wand, making Bob the sole survivor and therefore victor of the Quest.

Saturday brought already the last activity of the lustrum celebrations. Ockham’s first ever Masquerade was a great success. With even people from the Honours Associations from Nijmegen and Groningen present, as well as the board of Atlantis, all participants had made a good effort of looking their bests, with lots of beautiful masks and dresses to be seen. Jaap, Bob and Yorick were rewarded for attending nearly all activities (Jaap being the sole participant to have attended every activity organised). The Ockham song was sung enthusiastically and lots of people showed of their dancing skills. The evening was closed off by drinks at the Beiaard.


The Masquerade concluded the two weeks of celebrations. Looking back, we are very happy with the way things went. We really enjoyed all of the activities and we hope so did you. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining us over the past two lustrum weeks, and we hope to see you again in another five years!

Knightly greetings,
The Lustrum Committee 2014

Belinda Brandwacht
Bastiaan Bruinsma
Lars Corbijn van Willenswaard
Laura Dittmann
Rianne van Dommelen
Caroline Löbker
Mike Visser

Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at nieuwsbrief@hvockham.nl and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*               General Members’ Meeting

Tuesday 2nd of December @ Carré 3A, 19:30

This December a second General Members’ Meeting (GMM) will be held to decide on whether or not H.V. Ockham will get an association room. During this meeting the board’s proposal for this room will be discussed and members will get the chance to give their vote. It is still possible to sign up by sending an email to secretary@hvockham.nl. You can also authorise another member to vote for you. We hope to see you there!

*               NAHSS lecture

Thursday 4th of December @ Carré 3A, 12:45

The Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School gives Dutch top students the chance to experience the dynamics and chances of Asia. A hundred students get the chance to visit a summer school in Asia, visit companies and work on a joint project. This lecture will give an opportunity to learn more about the NAHSS if you are interested in applying. Maura Dantuma and Tim Hermans will tell you all about their experiences during this lecture. The lecture is meant for second or third year Bachelor students who can speak Dutch. Sign up at www.hvockham.nl and join us.

*               Second-Monday-of-the-month Drinks

Monday 8th of December  @ Theatercafé, 20:30

This December the drinks will be extra enjoyable. The as of yet unofficial drinks committee (DriCie), will bring some small games which we can all entertain ourselves with. It will also be an opportunity to get to know other members better. So come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’

*               Sinterklaas/Christmas Present Game

Thursday 11th of December @ Ravelijn, 20:00

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting worse. Winter is coming! Of course, this also means that it will soon be time to celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas again. Therefore a special ‘present-game’ is organized. The present-game requires participants to buy one or several presents within a budget of €5 and wrap them up. With these a huge pile of presents will be formed. The game will decide who takes which presents back home. Excited already? Sign up at http://hvockham.nl/.

*               Lunch Colloquium – Dora Timmer

Tuesday 16th of December@ Carré 3A, 12:45

During this lecture Dora Timmer will tell us about her experiences abroad. She lived in Peru for a while, where she did volunteer work. Are you interested in learning more about her experiences? Join us in eating some lunch and sign up at www.hvockham.nl



*               Science Café – ‘En ze leefden nog lang en gezond’

Wednesday 3rd of December @ Forum café, Stationsplein 1, 20:00 – 22:00h

In this Dutch lecture, doctor and epidemiologist Luc Bonneux will give his analyses on the modern health industries. The main question during this evening will be if people really live longer and healthier because of the current knowledge and technology. Sign up if you are interested in the healthcare systems or just want to know more about this particular topic. More information can be found here: http://sciencecafeenschede.nl/.  




Five hamsters are trying to split up a 1000 nuts. The rules are as follows:


Hamster #1 must divide the nuts up in such a way that a majority of the hamsters (including himself) agree to. If he does not get a majority vote, he will be killed, and hamster #2 will get to propose a solution to the remaining 3 hamsters, and the same rules will follow. This continues until someone comes up with a plan that earns a majority vote. What is the most amount of gold pieces that hamster #1 can keep to himself, and what would his proposal be? The hamsters are infinitely greedy, infinitely ruthless (the more dead hamsters the better), and infinitely intelligent.




Everybody is enthusiastically dancing the polonaise during the masquerade.





The past month the ockhamster was present at some of the Lustrum activities. However that is not where this picture was taken. Can you guess where the ockhamster is?


Displaying DSC_1221.jpg


Also, to get into the whole Sinterklaas theme, the ockhamster has slightly changed a certain song.  The melody to this song can be found on http://www.sinterklaasliedjes.nl/hij-komt-hij-komt.


He comes, he rolls!


He comes, He rolls

Our little hamster friend

My dearest friend, your dearest friend,

The friend of all students


I aaaaam so thirsty

A little hungry too

What does he bring, what does he bring?

What does he give to us?

Bad students, beer

Sweet students, some  water


He comes, He rolls

That little hamster friend

 My dearest friend, your dearest friend

That friend of Ockhammers






*     Tue 2 December

General Members’ Meeting @ Carré 3A, 19:30

*     Thu 4 December

NAHSS lecture @ Carré 3A, 12:45

*     Mo 8 December

Second-Monday-of-the-month drinks @Theatercafé, 20:30

*     Thu 11 December

Sinterklaas/Christmas present game @ Ravelijn, 20:00

*     Tue 16 December

Lunch Colloquium – Dora Timmer @ Carré 3A, 12:45



*     Wed 3 December

Science Café – ‘En ze leefden nog lang en gezond’ @ Forum café, Stationsplein 1, 20:00 – 22:00h




*     1 Dec

Rik de Ruiter (22)

*     5 Dec

Samantha Noteboom (21)

*     7 Dec

Matthijs Velsink (20)

*     9 Dec

Miko Elwenspoek (66)

*     10 Dec

Jan Steffen (26)

*     16 Dec

Remco Bloemen (28)

*     21 Dec

Jeroen Minnema (19)

Willemijn van de Meent (21)

Sébastian de Bone (24)

*     22 Dec

Arvid Keemink (27)

*     23 Dec

Bob Rubbens (20)

*     24 Dec

Katharina Wehebrink (25)

*     25 Dec

Lisette Knijn (21)

*     26 Dec

Marjolein Heuvelmans (26)




Maura Dantuma:

Brilliant Blunders, From Darwin to Einstein, Mario Livio

Nobody’s perfect. Not even some of the greatest geniuses in history, as Mario Livio tells us in this marvellous story about scientific mistakes made by great scientists. He also mentions how these mistakes were an essential part of the process of achieving scientific breakthroughs.

Blunders described in this book were made by e.g. Darwin (a blunder in his theory of Natural Selection), Kelvin (a blunder in his calculation of the age of the earth) and Pauling (a blunder in his model for the structure of the DNA molecule). All of them were brilliant men and fascinating human beings. Their blunders were a necessary part of the scientific process. Collectively they helped to dramatically further our knowledge of the evolution of life, the Earth, and the universe. By studying these scientists’ successes along with their blunders and with the benefit of hindsight, you learn that things are not always what they seem.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 4, number 4