Public Speaking Workshop

On the 22nd of June, Victor Deconinck gave a public speaking workshop. The turnout was disappointing but his talk was no less of a success. According to Victor Deconinck, the public speaking and presentation techniques we are taught in class are terrible – they put the audience to sleep! Instead of following the conventional introduction-explanation-conclusion format, a successful speech should first speak to the heart of the audience, then their heads (their rational side), and finally to their hands (their practical side). He also stressed the importance of knowing yourself (make use of your strengths, don’t try to be someone you’re not) and knowing your audience (adapt your talk to the people who will listen to you – age group, socio-economic status etc.). He illustrated his talk with stories from his experiences as a TV presenter and coach, and used well-known speeches like Obama’s to highlight the key elements of a successful speech. Some students also got the opportunity to apply Victor Deconinck’s advice and give a speech of their own.

Thales Lunch Lecture – Internet of Things

On the 6th of April, the SympCie organized a lunch lecture in collaboration with our sponsor Thales. Sigrid Reumer, Recruitment Consultant, first gave a brief overview of the company.  New Business Director Mike Balm then took over with the main topic of this talk: Internet of Things 2.0. Whereas Internet of Things 1.0 offers nothing more than a collection of sensors operating independently, Internet of Things 2.0 integrates all these sensors into a multi-purpose centralized application. Mike Balm illustrated the strengths of this emerging technology with concrete examples ranging from burglar-proof houses to smart cities, and shared his experiences developing IoT 2.0 in his own home. He also brought up an important challenge that comes along with interconnected and internet-connected devices: security. Thales is developing new authentication and encryption methods to make sure that sensitive data remains inaccessible to parties outside of your trusted circle. All in all, the lecture was a success – the subject was treated quite in depth and engaged technical and non-technical students alike.

PS: The Marines are not to be confused with the Navy.

Professionalisation with Salio

On the 30th of March, the SympCie professionalisation event in cooperation with Salio took place. After arriving at Saxion, we started off the evening with a LinkedIn workshop by Leontien Biemold. First, the basics of a good LinkedIn profile were covered, and afterwards, we had the opportunity to review each others’ profiles. A lot of useful feedback and profile updates were generated, and many Ockhammers really took their profile to the next level.

During the coffee break, photographers from FOTON offered the opportunity to have a high-quality picture taken, for use on a CV or maybe a LinkedIn profile. How convenient! After the break, the second speaker for the evening was a familiar face: Ben Elsinga. Where last year’s workshop focused mostly on Ben’s vision of young professionals, this year’s talk went in-depth on development patterns to remain happy and succesful throughout your career. Sadly, the discussion after the talk was cut short because the building closed down at 22:00, but the evening was very successful overall. Thanks to our friends at Salio for collaborating with us on this event!

SRON Lunch Lecture

On the 6th of March, the SympCie organised a lunch colloquium on astrophysics research. Dr. Frank Helmich, head of the Astrophysics Programme at the Dutch space agency SRON, gave an interesting and inspiring lecture on his work. While everyone enjoyed a nice lunch, dr. Helmich told us about the extreme technical requirements for measurement devices in astrophysics research, the position of SRON in international space research, his own experiences on the Herschel satellite project, and more. One particularly surprising fact is the time scale over which projects at SRON and other space agencies take place; over the duration of a full career, it is not unusual to work on only three projects.The lecture was well visited, and certainly sparked some interest in a branch of engineering and research that’s not seen as often.

Integrand workshop

On the 26th of January, SympCie organized an evening workshop in collaboration with Integrand, a student organization that helps students find internships or side-jobs and organizes career events. The workshop went very well despite the disappointing turnout (only 12 people attended) and technical difficulties (the event was moved to room T100 due to a stubborn beamer in T300). Jasper Ringoot (Advanced Technology student) and Shanna de Lang (Creative Technology student) from Integrand kept their presentation interactive and even humorous at times. Each topic in their presentation was introduced by a small brainstorming session. They covered the dos and don’ts when writing a CV and motivation letter, and shared methods to prepare for an interview, including the STARR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Reflection). Students were encouraged to share their own experiences working in project groups or committees and had lots of questions ranging from what to wear for an interview to whether a board year counts as work experience or not. At the end of the presentation, students showed Jasper and Shanna their CVs for constructive feedback. Oreos were a nice touch as well.

Example documents and tips for the best CV and motivation letter can be found below:

CV – English

Tips CV – English

CV template (zonder logo)

Example Motivation Letter – English

Tips Motivation Letter – English


Simon Stevin – Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis

On October 7th the first lunch colloquium of this study year took place. Dr. Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis was glad to give a talk on the scientist who introduced the Dutch word for mathematics “wiskunde” centuries ago. Fokko-Jan Dijksterhuis is one of Ockham’s honorary members and a specialist in the history of science. As a teacher within the science track of the Honours-programme, he brings ‘great scientists’, such as Newton or Darwin closer to his students and defines with them what a ‘great scientist’ should be like. During this lunch colloquium he gave an interesting talk about a scientist not known to everyone, the Dutch mathematician Simon Stevin, who greatly influenced history. Amongst other things, he developed the decimal system and even introduced new scientific vocabulary to the Dutch language. Moreover, a major science grant carries his name. With his enthusiasm Fokko-Jan was once again able to fascinate his audience by taking them on a journey back into the 16th century.

Lunchcolloquium Jan Lenssen ‘Green Team Twente’

On Thursday June 18th, the last lunch colloquium of the year took place. While enjoying some delicious Subway sandwiches, several Ockhammers listened to the very interesting talk given by Jan Lenssen. Jan is an ex-honoursstudent and is a member of Green Team Twente. This team worked really hard this year on a sustainable hydrogen powered car with which they participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe which took place on the last weekend of May this year. Jan gave a clear presentation about the history of the car, the car of this year, the race and of course about his role in the team. Afterwards there were quite some profound questions from which the Sympcie concludes that the colloquium was well received.

The Sympcie looks back at a very successful year full with interesting colloquia. We want to thank all the speakers and participants. The Sympcie is already brainstorming for interesting topics for the colloquia of next year. If you have an idea about a subject or speaker, just email the Sympcie ( and we will take it into account!


Tuesday the 16th was already  the last activity of the year! Just like last year, we went lasergaming, but now at De Tapperij in Hengelo.. One could say that it is starting to become a tradition! So, lasergaming, but lasergaming with something extra: unlimited drinks for 2.5h and some games of pool on the side. Since the activity was well-attended, we split up into four teams that took turns playing against eachother to prove their shooting capabilities.
Crawling and running in the dark through tight corners, everybody tried to shoot others as often as possible. For some, this was more succesful than for others. Eventually Team 1, consisting of Nehal, Tim, Marieke, Yorick, Bob and Guido, managed to beat the others and ended up as the winning team of the night. We ended the night with some more drinks. All in all, it was an awesome activity and a perfect way to end the year!

Active Member Activity

Saturday the 13th of June, the board of H.V. Ockham organized a great active members activity to thank every Ockhammer who has helped during the past year by being a member of one of the many committees of HV Ockham. The first part of the activity consisted of playing the classic ‘Twents’ game ‘Klootschieten’. During this game you needed to get your kloot (“ball”) over a track in the least amount of throws possible. The track went across the campus, including sharp corners, long straight pieces of road and even went through the forest. This year the active members activity ended with a nice and delicious barbecue. All in all it can be concluded that the active members activity was a great success!