Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday 19 May was a great success! More than twenty people joined this marvelous activity and everyone had a lot of fun in his or her team! The tasks brought the entire team together and everyone was able to make contributions to the tasks, either by fulfilling them or by solving challenging riddles. The tasks were really fun, because we were doing some things that lay a bit outside the social norms. Although we had two hours the time, it was impossible to do everything on the list, so no team had to wait for the others to finish.
In the end everyone joined the drinks and so people that did not know each other before were able to have nice conversations and share their experiences of the Scavenger Hunt.
We are looking forward to the next activity and are sure that it will be not any less amazing as this time!

Reunion activity

The reunion activity started with a cocktail workshop. We practiced our own shaking skills and made a few cocktails ourselves with the sentence: ‘twenty-one, twenty-two bounce’ and we tasted a few famous cocktails like Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan and Pina Colada. We all enjoyed a nice dinner at café Cuvée with of course a McFlurry as dessert.  And the evening started with playing a few games and enjoying a few Belgian beers in Proeflokaal België. The evening ended with a few songs in the karaoke bar the Wigwam, where the association song could not be missed. It was definitely a night to remember!

Lunchreading Peter Riezebos

On Thursday October 23th, the first lunchreading of the year took place. Around a quarter to one, Peter Riezebos started his talk and he told about the book he wrote: ‘Van mavo tot Harvard’. This book describes his impressive life story: How he became an international and multi-diciplinary scientist after leaving school (several times) and being diagnosed with multiple learning disorders. With several anecdotes he underlined his story and he explained that you can end up wherever you want as long as you have a pro-active attitude. About 30 Ockhammers listened carefully while eating snacks with rolls and came up with several interesting questions.

The Sympcie looks back at a very successful colloquium and will start with the preperation for the following lunchreading. If you have an idea about a subject or speaker, just email the Sympcie ( and we will take it into account!

Great evening of bowling

As first activity by the, then new, sixth board, we went bowling at Go-Planet. With a group of just under 20 people, we occupied three lanes. Several members turned out to be quite good at the game, while others were able to keep the average at a reachable level. We could of course talk about who won what, but that will probably not interest you (unless you are the one that won, in that case: well done!). The bowling itself was a lot of fun. After that, we went to the Theatercafé for some drinks, as a proper ending to the first activity in the new board year.

Last but not least, thanks to the MediaCie, photos:


Well attended lunch colloquium of Marinke van der Helm

Well attended lunch colloquium of Marinke van der Helm

On Thursday March 27th the first lunch colloquium ever in the history of HV Ockham took place. More than 30 persons were present in the Ravelijn to listen to the interesting talk of Marinke van der Helm about her experiences in America, the land without limits. In Boston she investigated a cellular model of the blood brain barrier, but because this research was quite confidential, she talked about her time in America: The problems with finding a room, her room and roommates, her colleagues, Thanksgiving and some typical aspects of the American culture. She punctuated this with a lot of photos, for example of the well known yellow schoolbus, a giant roasted turkey and an huge glass of ice tea.

During this lunch colloquium the Sympcie arranged the lunch. The free lunch consisted of ‘broodjes knakworst’ and was well appreciated by all the attendees. The symcie looks back at a very succesful first lunch colloquium and is already looking forward to the next one. This lunch colloquium will probably take place at the end of April. The exact date, time and speaker will be announced later.

If you know a speaker for the following lunch colloquium or you have a great idea about what to eat, just let the Sympcie know! You can contact them by sending a mail to The photos of this lunch colloquium can be found in the photogallery!

Diner lecture ‘Geheime Praktijken’ was a great success!

Diner lecture ‘Geheime Praktijken’ was a great success!

Last Tuesday March 5th, the annual diner lecture organized in cooperation with KIVI Niria and Studium Generale took place. The theme of this year was ‘Geheime Praktijken’ (Secret practices). While everybody was enjoying a plate full of tasty lasagna, macaroni, salad and/or baquette, the first speaker, Constant Hijzen, started with his talk about the history of secret intelligence services in the Netherlands. After a short break in which the still hungry people could get another plate of delicious food, George Vosselman continued. He spoke about several techniques to make aerial photos and how those photos can be interpreted. To illustrate this, he showed several detailed photos made by helicopters, airplanes or satellites.


The sympcie looks back at a successfull and well attended (more than 130 participants) dinerreading and great cooperation with Studium Generale and KIVI NIRIA and is already looking forward to the next activity: The lunch colloquium of Marinke van der Helm. She will speak about her experiences during her internship in Boston. While enjoying some ‘broodjes knakworst’ you can listen to her talk. After you logged in with your student account, you can sign up here:


First colloquium of the year was a great success!!

First colloquium of the year was a great success!!

On Wednesday January 8th, the first colloquium of the year took place. Around a quarter to six  Anne Garretsen started her talk about her bachelor and master assignment at FC Twente. After a short break, she continued with a presentation about her life as a trainee at ‘Provincie Gelderland’. 23 Ockham members were there, to listen to her very interesting talk while enjoying a Chinese dinner and some lemonade. The Sympcie looks back at a very successful colloquium and in the meantime is already looking forward to their next activity; the diner reading ‘Geheime praktijken’ on Tuesday March 4th. This diner reading is organized in collaboration with KIVI NIRIA and Studium Generale and will be held in Dutch. For more information, go to You can register by sending an email to before Thursday February 27th. (Do not forget to include food allergies.)

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