We need you to improve our room!

We love to receive new suggestions and ideas to improve our beautiful (in its own way) room. New items, items that need to be replaced or whole new room-interior layouts, you can suggest anything!

All suggestions can be send to secretary@HVOckham.nl

Become part of the next board of H.V. Ockham!

Become part of the next board of H.V. Ockham!

Will you be part of the 9th Board of H.V. Ockham?

Doing a board year is a wonderful opportunity to improve your professional skills while also having a great time. The board year at Ockham is a part-time board year, which means you will be able to be a board member without requiring you to delay your study by a year.

On the 4th of April, we had the Board interest activity. If you were unable to attend, or if you would like information regarding the board year, like practical information and different functions, you can check out the slides of the presentation or contact one of the current board members:

Presentation Board Interest

Deadline for application is April 30st at 23:59. You can apply by sending a mail to secretary@hvockham.nl.

Batavierenrace Training Schedule

Batavierenrace Training Schedule

The Bata is coming up, which means it is time to prepare. Running may not be your favorite thing, but luckily, you can train together with your friends from H.V. Ockham!
For all the Ockhammers and Ockhamsters, we have prepared a perfect training schedule. Starting from February the 22nd, we will be doing a weekly evening jog. We will start from the Ockham Room at 20:30, so you can join after your (honours) lectures. You can also safely leave your stuff in the room during the jog. The total schedule is shown below (each starting at 20:30):

Thursday 02-03-2017
Wednesday 08-03-2017
Thursday 16-03-2017
Wednesday 22-03-2017
Wednesday 29-03-2017
Thursday 06-04-2017
Wednesday 12-04-2017
Thursday 20-04-2017
Wednesday 26-04-2017

Put the dates in your agenda and take the opportunity to make exercise fun with your friends. Also, don’t forget we are still looking for participants for the Batavierenrace. More information and Sign-Up for the event itself can be found here: http://hvockham.nl/events/batavierenrace-2017/

We hope to see you train with us. Till then!

Cheers, The BataCie

Student Research Conference 2016

Student Research Conference 2016

Are you currently doing research and have a great project, then maybe the Student Research Conference 2016 (SRC) is something for you. At this unique conference excellent bachelor research is put in the spotlight. The conference is meant for students who like to go just a step ahead and want to promote their research with passion. This is a great conference if you fit these criteria next to this can you win a nice price if your research is good enough. All researches at the conferences will be published in a scientific journal, hosted by the TU Delft. For an idea of the conference see: Aftermovie 2015.

How to join? You can submit your paper at the website after which a review committee will consider it. The review committee consists out of professors, head teachers and teachers. The best researches have the chance to improve with the feedback and be presented at the conference. In four different fields a price of €1000,- will be given. Next to this will every field have a public price of €750,- and a poster price of €500,-. The four fields are: language, culture & laws; Exact Sciences; Economic and Medical & Healthcare.

For more information, see the website or contact via e-mail: l.middelbrink@sciencework.nl or call during office hours: +31 (0)70 – 346 25 05.
The most important deadline is the 30th of June. Then the papers have to be sent in.
A summary can be found in the flyer: Call for papers

Internships at forensics

Internships at forensics

Dear members,

On the 9th of February we had a lunch colloquium about Forensic Biometrics given by Didier Meuwly. He announced that there are currently a few internships available. If you found the colloquium interesting and looking for an intership, then take a look at the following links:

If you have any questions, you can ask the symposium committee or Fernon.


Update: The links to the internships do not work anymore, however you can still find an alternate overview of offers.

Orange ASEAN programme

Orange ASEAN programme

Orange ASEAN is initiative from the Dutch ambassedy in South-East Asia. Orange ASEAN offers a programme for three weeks in Bangkok to work on realistic environmental cases. The Orange ASEAN is looking for motivated students (with at least a Bachelors degree). The programme is free, but the lodging and the travel costs are for the participant.

The first edition will be in January 2016 with an application deadline of the 1st of November and the topic is about waste and circular economies. So do you want to work on sustainable business cases for companies from the Netherlands and ASEAN? And do you want to get experience in working with an international team on translating societal issues into sustainable business opportunities?

Then go to this website and send in your application!


P.s you can also contact the board for more information.