Batavierenrace 2018

Batavierenrace 2018

Do you want to join the epic Batavierenrace with Ockham? Do you want to show everyone that Intellect takes Time?

This race is the biggest relay race in the world, and has teams of 25 people covering the distance from Nijmegen to Enschede. In this event, loads of associations join to battle each other on who will be first in Enschede.

Of course this is a lot of fun and a nice time to get towards becoming a better community, so if you want to join the batavierenrace please join Ockham in doing so. As we are running together with HCSA from Groningen, Ockham has a total of 17 spots to fill. If there are already 17 people signed up, you can still register. Anyone who signs up later, will be put on a substitute list, in case a runner is not able to make it anymore

The costs will be determined later, but is set to be no more than 25 euros. Please add in the comments your preferred distance. The choices are 1-5km, 5-8km, 8+ km.

This is not a sign-up for the BBQ, you can subscribe for the BBQ here: BataBBQ 2018

Date & time: 20/04/2018-21/04/2018, 22:00

Price: €13.00

Number of spaces left: 21 out of 30


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