Dinner colloqium: Aquatic Nomads

Time to broaden your horizons, and dive into the depths of the oceans and our rivers with the upcoming special colloquium! You will not be only fed food for thought and acquire new knowledge to boast about at your next gathering with friends or family, but you will also enjoy real food, in the form of a super tasty dinner!

Join us after your boring lecture day on the 15th of February, enjoy a tasty buffet and listen to our speaker, travelling all the way to Enschede from Amsterdam. Jacques van Alphen is part of Waternet, one of the water authorities in the Netherlands. They make sure we keep our dry feet, but also do many other things. And while we often pay attention to our forests, farmlands and cities, we rarely look below the surface to our fishy friends. Jacques will open our eyes on the secret life of fish in our waters, and their simply miraculous migration patterns.

So for all who would like an amazing dinner, and learn something they would have never learned otherwise, join us on the 15th of February in the Citadel, starting from 18.00 with a tasty buffet.

If you want to join but cannot login yet, send a mail to sympcie@hvockham.nl

Date & time: 15/02/2018, 18:00-20:30

Price: €5.00

Location: Citadel

Number of spaces left: 4 out of 25


Registration is currently closed.