| POSTPONED TILL NEXT WEEK | FakeSanta-Christmas-Drink in T100

The second Monday of the Month drink will this time be held in Citadel T100! And it is postponed till next week because of the extreme weather predicted for the evening.

On the eighteenth of December at 20:30 the famous Sinterkerstborrel will commence in the Citadel, and just like last year, there will be a lot of presents for the attendees! Via a simple dice game participants can try to obtain and get hold on the most useful of the mountain of presents. Be careful though, people may try to steal your presents!

Just like all the presents, the drinks will also be completely free for everyone! After paying the 2 euros entrance fee!



Date & time: 18/12/2017, 20:30-23:30

Price: €2.00

Location: Citadel T100

Number of spaces left: 15 out of 30


Registration is currently closed.