Game night

Game night

Did you ever want to be a sparkly space narwhal and stab your foes in the heart? Or do you feel like having an epic dance off against your friends? On the 4th of July we are hosting an epic Gamenight, where we will play some really simple games, like Starwhal, Just Dance and Teeworlds and other games you would like to play. The idea is simple, bring your laptop and play some fun games with your friends.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran gamer or if you have never touched a computer in your life, the games that will be played are simple and fun to make sure everyone has a great time!
Bring your laptop, a drink and some food, and come have a good laugh with the rest of us.

Date & time: 04/07/2016, 19:00

Price: €2.00

Location: Citadel T100

Number of spaces left: 8 out of 18


Registration is currently closed.