Get an Ockham Vest!

Do you want to expand your wardrobe with your own snug Ockham Hoodie?

This is your chance, you can order your very own Ockham sweater. This very comfortable, black sweater can keep you warm during the cold times. Available in multiple sizes (S, M, XL, XLL), everyone can order a sweater for just 17,50! On the back of the vest, our Ockham logo is proudly displayed. Come by the Ockham room to try our fitting sweaters on and see what size you need (and experience how amazingly cozy the sweater is).

Order your very own hoodie now!

Please put your desired size in the comment 🙂

Date & time: 30/06/2017, All Day

Price: €17.50

Number of spaces left: 41 out of 50


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