The quest for the Holy Grail

The quest for the Holy Grail

As you are aware, our chairwoman Rianne found the Grail earlier this year. However, she got kidnapped by the evil Black Knight and had to give it up. We need brave knights to help us retrieve this Grail.

What can you do? A participant will receive a card which contains the name of somebody who might be in the possession of the Holy Grail. It is up to him to capture and disarm this suspect. However, they are not alone in this quest. Somebody else might think it’s them, so they have to be very careful.

To disarm their suspect they have to perform as simple task, which is only known to participants. If they succeed, they will receive the suspect card from this person. If this person was in the possession of the Grail, it changes hands. It is then up to its new protector to take out as many suspects as possible, so they cannot take it from them. Whoever is in possession of the Grail on November 20th, 20:00, will be the victor and will receive a reward. Participation is for free, but participants must supply their own weapons.

For this activity we need the following information about you: hobbies, biggest fear and your favourite craft. Please add this in the comment box.

Date & time: 11/11/2014-20/11/2014, All Day

Price: €0.00

Location: University of Twente

Number of spaces left: 78 out of 100


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