Lunch lecture: Why do the laws of nature make life possible?

Our retired honours dean will give his second lecture of this year on the 26th of April! This time, he will give an interesting talk about the laws of nature and the conditions that are necessary to create life. We’ll also provide free lunch 😀 See you then!

Abstact from Miko:
Some forty years ago I read in the newspapers that the laws of nature are
precisely such to make life possible. A stronger claim was that the laws make life
not only possible but necessary. This might be true even for the emergence of
intelligent life.
Since then the question kept me occupied. The basis of this bold claim is the
subject of my talk. In the mean time our knowledge about our world has
increased enormously. Much has been written on the subject, and the situation is
still under debate. And indeed, if some parameters in the laws of nature are
changed just a little: life would be impossible. This we call fine-tuning. It is as if a
bunch of musicians from all over the galaxy finds their instruments incidentally
tuned to the same tone.

In my talk I shall address the following points:
• What do we mean by life
• Were does the fine-tuning occur
• What are the consequences of deviation from the fine-tuned values
• Requirements of the evolution of complex life such as animals and plants

The whole story gives rise to fundamental questions: Does this suggest that the
universe was made for us? Do we live in a simulation? Can the constants of
nature be derived from some unknown fundamental principle? Is our universe
one of many?

Date & time: 26/04/2018, 12:30-13:45

Price: €0.00

Location: Citadel T300

Number of spaces left: 6 out of 35


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