Colloquium- How long is a Wadden Island? Pieter Roos

Colloquium- How long is a Wadden Island?   Pieter Roos

Barrier coasts, covering about 10% of the world’s coastline, are densely populated areas subject to the potentially conflicting interests of economy, coastal safety and ecology. These aspects are evident for the Wadden Sea, a mesotidal barrier coast located in North-West Europe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unique geomorphological and ecological values, yet also economically important for its natural resources and tourism, and furthermore vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise. These conflicts make adequate and sustainable management of barrier coasts a challenging task. Currently, Wadden Sea management explores a policy shift allowing more natural behaviour, by which the dynamics of the North Sea zone becomes part of the identity of the islands. Achieving this goal without jeopardizing safety requires knowledge of the long-term morphodynamics*, including natural behaviour and response to external changes. This particularly concerns the tidal inlets between barrier islands (“zeegaten”). In this lunch talk, Dr. ir. Pieter Roos (Assistant Professor in Water Engineering & Management, Civil Engineering) will present an exploratory model that explains various observed relationships of barrier island length and environmental parameters.

*Morphodynamics is the study of the evolution of seascapes/landscapes under influence of erosion and sedimentation


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