The art of happiness

The art of happiness

Dear Ockhammers,

Next to the lovely colloquium about forensic institute on the 9th of February there will be an activity arranged by Salio (honours society of Saxion). This activity will be all about the art of happiness. You will learn how to address your inner strength, how to live decisively and much more. Guaranteed you will be a step closer to your inner self. The training will be given by Mirjam Spitholt, a teacher from Saxion.
Note: The workshop will be given in Dutch!

The training will be given at no costs and a maximum of 10 Ockhammers can join the activity. The training will be on the 9th February from 19:30 – 21:30. Don’t forget to sign up below!

Date & time: 09/02/2016, 19:30-21:30

Price: €0.00

Location: Saxion

Number of spaces left: 6 out of 10


Registration is currently closed.