The Quest for the Holy Grail – day three

The Quest for  the Holy Grail – day three

After the busy day yesterday, Ockhamalot fell very silent today. Were the knights more careful and as a result evaded capture? Or were they tired and took a break from hunting for their suspects? We cannot be sure. However, not all knights were safe today. Unfortunately for Michelle the Magnificent, even in the safety of her own home was not enough to protect her. The night had barely fallen when she got enchanted by a magic wand. She did not live to tell the tale.

Sébastian the Sly’s cunning nature might have prevented his capture, or he just have been hard to find in the first place. In any case, this not so well trusted knight, was challenged to a duel today. Taking up the challenge was to no avail, he lost his life while defending himself.

All the while, the location of the Grail is still unknown. Did it change hands? Or was it safe today from the grasping hands of those that long for power? Only nine knights are left now. Their future is still uncertain.