Integrand workshop

On the 26th of January, SympCie organized an evening workshop in collaboration with Integrand, a student organization that helps students find internships or side-jobs and organizes career events. The workshop went very well despite the disappointing turnout (only 12 people attended) and technical difficulties (the event was moved to room T100 due to a stubborn beamer in T300). Jasper Ringoot (Advanced Technology student) and Shanna de Lang (Creative Technology student) from Integrand kept their presentation interactive and even humorous at times. Each topic in their presentation was introduced by a small brainstorming session. They covered the dos and don’ts when writing a CV and motivation letter, and shared methods to prepare for an interview, including the STARR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Reflection). Students were encouraged to share their own experiences working in project groups or committees and had lots of questions ranging from what to wear for an interview to whether a board year counts as work experience or not. At the end of the presentation, students showed Jasper and Shanna their CVs for constructive feedback. Oreos were a nice touch as well.

Example documents and tips for the best CV and motivation letter can be found below:

CV – English

Tips CV – English

CV template (zonder logo)

Example Motivation Letter – English

Tips Motivation Letter – English