Tuesday the 16th was already  the last activity of the year! Just like last year, we went lasergaming, but now at De Tapperij in Hengelo.. One could say that it is starting to become a tradition! So, lasergaming, but lasergaming with something extra: unlimited drinks for 2.5h and some games of pool on the side. Since the activity was well-attended, we split up into four teams that took turns playing against eachother to prove their shooting capabilities.
Crawling and running in the dark through tight corners, everybody tried to shoot others as often as possible. For some, this was more succesful than for others. Eventually Team 1, consisting of Nehal, Tim, Marieke, Yorick, Bob and Guido, managed to beat the others and ended up as the winning team of the night. We ended the night with some more drinks. All in all, it was an awesome activity and a perfect way to end the year!