Lunchcolloquium Jan Lenssen ‘Green Team Twente’

On Thursday June 18th, the last lunch colloquium of the year took place. While enjoying some delicious Subway sandwiches, several Ockhammers listened to the very interesting talk given by Jan Lenssen. Jan is an ex-honoursstudent and is a member of Green Team Twente. This team worked really hard this year on a sustainable hydrogen powered car with which they participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe which took place on the last weekend of May this year. Jan gave a clear presentation about the history of the car, the car of this year, the race and of course about his role in the team. Afterwards there were quite some profound questions from which the Sympcie concludes that the colloquium was well received.

The Sympcie looks back at a very successful year full with interesting colloquia. We want to thank all the speakers and participants. The Sympcie is already brainstorming for interesting topics for the colloquia of next year. If you have an idea about a subject or speaker, just email the Sympcie ( and we will take it into account!