Newsletter November 2015




—Newsletter of November 2015—

Dear Member,




*             Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks

Monday, the 9th of November @ Theatercafé, 20:30


Come and have a drink with H.V. Ockham! Featuring our mascot Ockhamster and, of course, snacks at ten with the ‘Tien uur? Bittergarnituur!’ Besides, a certain special guest is expected to turn up with small gifts for everyone!


*             Dies – Sixth Birthday of Ockham

Tuesday, the 17th of November @ Ravelijn, 18:00 – 23:45

On the 17th of November will be the celebration of the 6th birthday of Ockham. To celebrate this memorable event we will have a nice dinner together. Unfortunately, something bad is about to happen…  One person among us is not so excited about the birthday of Ockham. This person is planning to commit a terrible crime on the afternoon of the 17th. Who will be the first to discover this crime? And which team will solve this mystery? It will not be an easy task! So, if you think you are a real Sherlock Holmes, you are invited to come and celebrate the Dies with us!






*            General Update


Another month has passed by and the colours of autumn are encountered all around, along with serene misty mornings. The SympCie organized a very interesting lunch colloquium by Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis and the ACCIE arranged for a delightful evening of chocolate fondue and games on the occasion of Halloween. More information about these events can be found on the association website.



*            External Adventures


In the beginning of October, Yorick and Fernon went to the GMM of the DHA in Amsterdam. The DHA (Dutch honours Alliance) is an association which represents all honours students across the Netherlands. Apart from that, the DHA works together with all the boards; in this way, the collaboration between the boards can be improved. The new board pf the DHA is from left to right: Regina (Treasurer), Rianne (Treasurer), Maryse (Chairman) and Guido (Secretary).  

We have also made contact with Salio, the honours association of Saxion. The board of Salio is really open and really nice. We are looking into the options for collaboration.



Do you also have announcements or updates for the members of H.V. Ockham please let me know at and it can be added to the next newsletter.





*             Studium Generale – Lecture: Beauty of Science

Tuesday, the 3rd of November @ Vrijhof Ampitheater, 19:30-21:00

In the lab of physicist Alexander Brinkman, something went beautifully wrong: Europium Monoxide oxidized further into useless EuO3. The differences in thickness however resulted in amazing light effects which reminded Brinkman of paintings of Van Gogh. This is an example of the beauty of science. Four young UT-scientists will show this beauty in their own field.  Dr. Nathalie Katsonis will talk about biomolecular nanotechnology, Dr. Saskia Lindhoud will talk about nanobiophysics, Prof. Dr. Ir. Alexander Brinkman will talk about quantum transport in matter and Prof. Dr. Ir. Pascal Jonkheijm will talk about molecular nanofabrication. This programme is a coproduction of Studium Generale and Young Academy@UT.








Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:


As there is no day on which both lie, at least one of them is speaking the truth.

They both speak the truth on Sunday, but that would mean the Lion’s statement is a lie. So the answer cannot be Sunday.

Thus, exactly one of them lied.

If the Unicorn is lying, then the answer is Sunday, which we have previously proven wrong.

Hence, the only possibility is that the conversation took place on a Thursday, and the two are talking about Wednesday.


The New Riddle is as follows:

A Japanese ship was enroute in the open sea. The Japanese captain went for a shower removing his diamond ring and Rolex watch on the table. When he returned, his valuables were missing; they had been stolen!

Captain immediately called five suspected crew members and
asked each one where he was and what he was doing for the last 15

The Filipino cook (in a heavy overcoat): I was in fridge room getting meat for cooking.

The Indian Engineer (with a torch in hand) I was working on generator engine.

The Sri Lankan seaman: I was on the mast correcting the flag which was upside down.

The British Radio officer: I was messaging to company that we
are reaching next port in 72hrs.

The British navigation officer: I was on night watch, so sleeping in my cabin.

The captain caught the liar.

So, who is the thief?










*    Monday, 9 November

Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks @ Theatercafé, 20:30

*    Tuesday, 17 November

Dies – Sixth Birthday of Ockham @ Ravelijn, 18:00-23:45





*    Tuesday, 3 November

Studium Generale-Lecture: Beauty of Science @ Vrijhof Ampitheater, 19:30-21:00










*    1 Ocktober

Arne Müller (24)

*    3 November

Thijs van Ede (21)

*    6 November

Alisha Siebold (29)

*    8 November

Jornt Kageveen (21)

*    12 November

Nadieh Drenth (24)

Lotte Hazeleger (19)

Martin Klein Schaarsberg (26)

*    14 November

David Goedicke (26)

Hannah Mülder (20)

*    15 November

Tim Hermans (21)

*    16 November

Saskia Wiegelmann (20)

*    17 November

Cas Hollar (21)

*    20 November

Zack Tazi Hnyine (22)

*    21 November

Saumitra Athlekar (23)

*    25 November

Marwan Sayed (21)

*    26 November

Fernon Eijkhoudt (21)

*    27 November

Yori Kamphuis (30)

*    29 November

Sören Labrenz (25)

Leonardo Gerritse (24)








Book: We, The Living

Author: Ayn Rand

First published in 1936, the theme of this classic novel is the struggle of the individual against the state. It portrays the impact of the Russian Revolution on three human beings who demand the right to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness. It tells of a young woman’s passionate love, held like a fortress against the corrupting evil of a totalitarian state.

‘We the Living’ is not a story of politics, but of the men and women who have to struggle for existence behind the Red banners and slogans. It is a picture of what those slogans do to human beings. What happens to the defiant ones? What happens to those who succumb?

Against a vivid panorama of political revolution and personal revolt, Ayn Rand shows what the theory of socialism means in practice.




“Well, I always know what I want. And when you know what you want–you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don’t know. I’ve forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn’t matter, so long as you move.”


“Because, you see, God—whatever anyone chooses to call God—is one’s highest conception of the highest possible. And whoever places his highest conception above his own possibility thinks very little of himself and his life. It’s a rare gift, you know, to feel reverence for your own life and to want the best, the greatest, the highest possible, here, now, for your very own. To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it, but to demand it.”

Composed by the Secretary of H.V. Ockham

Volume 5, number 3