Newsletter November 2016

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Newsletter November 2016
Dear Member,

As we are getting closer to the end of the first quarter, we are also closing in on the birthday of our association. This means that Ockham has existed for almost 7 years already, which deserves some celebration. On the 16th of November the ACCIE will be organizing a Dies activity and all of you are welcome to join. More information can be found on the website soon. Besides Ockham the university of Twente itself will also be celebrating it’s birthday by the means of the Week of Inspiration. If you have not yet signed up for this, we encourage you to do so.

Most committees are already busy planning new activities for each and every one of you. This means that in the near future more activities will be announced, so make sure to check the website and the Facebook page on a regular base! The ExperienCie is still looking for people who would like to contribute to the magazine, including guest writers.

We want to wish all students good luck on their first test week of this year and hope to see you soon at one of our activities.

Martin Essink,
Secretary of the 8th Board of H.V. Ockham.

ASML In House Day

Explore your opportunities at our Inhouse Day.
At our Inhouse Day at November 24th, we introduce ourselves to ambitious technology graduates who want to push their ambitions. We would like to show you a glimpse of what common practice looks like at ASML. Join our Inhouse Day for one-on-one meetings with our driven employees, a visit to our brand new Experience Center, an information market and of course a view on our technology. Our Senior Vice President Technology Jos Benschop will open the day. There are limited seats, sign up before November 13th.

In the attachments to this email you will find more information.

The Nobel Prize

As most of you will already know, one of the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry this year was the Dutch professor Ben Feringa. He was awarded this prize together with the French Jean-Pierre Sauvage and the British Fraser Stoddart, for the development of molecular machines.

Sauvage developed the first structure in which molecules were not coupled by chemical bonds, but instead by interlocking ring-shaped parts. This was an essential step in the development of molecular machines, because it made independently moving parts possible. Stoddart then expanded upon this concept by developing a molecular “wheel”, a ring-shaped molecule with a separate chain of atoms threaded through it.This wheel can move along the chain and rotate around it freely. Finally, Feringa applied these concepts in the construction of molecular motors, which have been used to rotate objects several thousand times larger than the molecule itself.

How these machines can be applied in practice is unclear as of yet, but the potential for exciting developments is certainly there, and the technology has been compared to the steam engine in terms of potential.

Photo of the Month

This month we will be celebrating the Dies Natalis of our association. An Ockhamster is already in the mood!

Did you find or make a beautiful, cool or special photo? Send it to us, and it might be next month’s photo!

Riddle of the Month

You have two ropes. Each rope takes one hour to burn. These ropes are not identical, nor are they uniform; i.e. it does not necessarily take half an hour for half the rope to burn (if you have trouble visualizing this, imagine a rope of varying thickness across its length). With only these two ropes and a way to light them, how do you measure out 45 minutes?

Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows:
The number that was shown on the right literally represents the number of petals around the rose. That means that this is the number of dots on the dice with a centered dot, excluding this centered dot. Therefore only the 3 and 5 dice have a value, 2 and 4 respectively.


November 14
Second Monday of the month drink
20.30, Theatercafe

November 16
Dies Natalis Ockham

November 24
ASML In House day
All day, Veldhoven

Week of Inspiration
Multiple events

November 29


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Volume 6, Edition 3. Composed by the Secretary of H.V. Ockham.