Newsletter October 2016

Newsletter October 2016
Dear Member,

A month has already passed since the start of the academic year. For some a month of new experiences, for others a month of the same things over and over. For H.V. Ockham it was the month in which a new board has been chosen. As the new board we hope we can offer you a great experience with the association and we hope to see all of you soon on one of our activities.

Today, on the 3rd of October we would like to invite everyone to join us at the committee market, which will be held in the atrium of the Ravelijn at 19.00. Here you will be shown how it is to be active in a committee, and provide you with the possibility of trying this yourself!

For all the master’s students among I would like to point out to you that this month you can get all information about master Honours. The dates of the information lunches are in the agenda in the sidebar. If you want to know more, you an always look on the website of the programmes.

Martin Essink,
Secretary of the 8th Board of H.V. Ockham.

Photo of the Month

The new, eighth board of H.V. Ockham. From left to right: Dieuwke Maas (Internal affairs), Martin Essink (Secretary), Thijs Lieverse (Chairman), Anne Schrader (Treasurer) and Guido Ritsema van Eck (External affairs).

Did you find or make a beautiful, cool or special photo? Send it to us, and it might be next month’s photo!

The fractals of Nature
We all know that nature has a lot of beauty to offer. Sometimes is is just a beautiful sight you see, but sometimes the beauty of nature might come from a whole different direction, mathematics in this case. Self similar images such as the Mandelbrot set are beautiful examples of the beauty that can be found in mathematics. These images can bee zoomed indefinitely, but after some time the same image can be found again. This concept can also be found in nature, the best example probably being the Romanesco broccoli! If you zoom in on this broccoli you will keep seeing the same over and over again. And that’s not all, if you count the number of tops on all different levels, you will find the Fibonacci sequence! So the next time you are buying your vegetables, just take a moment and look at this beautiful creation!

Riddle of the Month

In the image above you see various combinations of dice. Are you able to find out how the scores on the right are calculated?

Did you know the answer to last month’s riddle? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer to the question was as follows: The numbers of the right hand side represent the number of closed areas in each number. This means that the numbers 4,6 and 9 have a value of 1, as these enclose just one withe area. For this reason the value of 8 is 2. All other numbers are zero.

October 3
Committee market
19.00, Atrium Ravelijn

October 4
Info lecture: Master Honours
12.45, Ravelijn 2502

October 13
ASML Excursion day: Electrical Engineering
All day, ASML Headquarters

October 20
ASML Excursion day: Mathematics
All day, ASML Headquarters

October 24
Info lecture: Master Research Honours
12.45, Ravelijn 2334

October 25
Info lecture: Master Design Honours
12.45, Ravelijn 2503

October 27
Info lecture: Master Change Leaders Honours
12.45, Ravelijn 2334


October 1
Loraine Busetto (26)
October 2
Martin Assen (25)
Ye Xiang (26)
October 5
Anton van der Stoep (28)
October 6
Rianne van Dommelen (22)
Muhammad Nurfakhri (21)
October 7
Andrea Picazo (22)
October 12
Richard Oliveira (26)
Jessica Steur (26)
October 13
Paula Felix (21)
Sarah Verboom (22)
October 14
Toms Bernhards (21)
October 16
Guido Ritsema van Eck (20)
Tamara van der Linden (25)
October 17
Janneke Alers (49)
Martijn Blom (24)
October 18
Daphne van Dijken (21)
October 19
Elmar Gool (26)
October 20
Daniel Felix Heritono (22)
October 22
Ronald Jong (25)
October 25
Szandra Iva’n (26)
October 26
Elmer Grob (32)
October 27
Ruben Akse (21)
October 30
Christian Utzerath (29)
October 31
Laura Dittmann (24)

Volume 6, Edition 2. Composed by the Secretary of H.V. Ockham.