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—Special lustrum edition of the Newsletter—

Dear member,


FROM THE Lustrum Committee:


Dear members,

Nice to see that you are reading this special edition of the HV Ockham newsletter, dedicated to the fifth birthday of our wonderful association. For those of you that were present at the last Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks, our theme is already known. The lustrum weeks (November 10th till November 22nd) will be centered around the theme ‘Ockhamalot’, a village from the Middle Ages. Since this is only the first lustrum of Ockham, we are still in the early development of our association – which brought us to our mediaeval theme.

Since April of this year we have been planning and preparing the program for the upcoming lustrum weeks and we are very happy that the time has finally come to unveil our plans. Although we do not want to spoil all of the surprises yet, we have decided it is time to inform you of the activities we have planned for you. You can read all about it in this newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you in the Middle Ages!

Knightly greatings,

Mike Visser
Rianne van Dommelen
Lars Corbijn van Willenswaard
Belinda Brandwacht
Bastiaan Bruinsma
Laura Dittmann
Caroline Löbker


Lustrum Committee 2014




A short explanation of the lustrum activities is made. For more information about all activities, you can check the website: www.hvockham.nl


*The Quest for the Holy Grail

Tuesday 11th of November @ Campus, 00:01 (until  Thursday 20th of November @ Enschede, 17:00)

Terrible news has reached you. The Holy Grail got taken form you chairman Rianne. We need your help to retrieve it. Join us in the search for the Holy Grail, eliminate your opponents and claim the Grails as yours to protect. The quest will start Tuesday November 11th at midnight (you’ll receive all information at the Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks before that) and will last until November 20th, 17.00. The quest will not take much of your time, but the rewards will be worth it. Please help us. Enroll before November 5th on the website.

*Movie night with Atlantis

Tuesday 11th of November

Get some relaxation while you prepare for your quest. Join the members of Atlantis and take it slow and enjoy our specially selected (but still secret) movie. The movie will be hosted on the evening of Tuesday November 11th. More details about this activity will be made available on the website, where you can also enroll.

* Knights’ Tournament (1) and (2)

Wednesday 12th of November, Tuesday 18th of November @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

It is time to get your sweat on and show us that you are worthy of the title ‘Knight of Ockhamalot’. Test your strength and abilities during the Knights’ Tournament and get some lunch for your efforts! Participate in either one or both of the tournaments, during the lunch breaks on Wednesday the 12th and Tuesday the 18th of November. Both tournaments will consist of games from the Middle Ages (with a twist), but sports attire is not required, nor is enrolling beforehand.

* Tour of the Brewery

Saturday 15th of November @ Twentse Bierbrouwerij, 14.30-17:00

If you need to get your strengths back up after one week of living in the Middle Ages, you might desire a refreshment. And what’s better than enjoying a nice beer after a week of hard work, and learn a thing or two about how the favourite drink of the Middle Ages is prepared. To join in this activity, you have to pay a sum of €5. Enrollment for this activity (which takes place on Saturday the 15th of November) is on the website, together with more details about getting to the tour location.

*Treasure Hunt Enschede

Thursday 20th of November @ Enschede Central Station, 19:30-22:00

To become once again fully accustomed to living in the Middle Ages, it is time to gain more knowledge on your place of residence. Together with your team, solve the puzzles lying around in the town centre of Enschede, all the while increasing your historical awareness of the place. Please enroll on the website.


Saturday 22nd of November @ Danscentrum Dekker, 20:30-0:00

By this time, we hope the Grail has been recovered by one of our knights. Join us at a final masquerade at Danscentrum Dekker in your black tie to celebrate this happy event. You can also buy one additional ticket for a friend. Of course the winner of the Quest for the Holy Grail will be announced. Enrolment is necessary before November 11th. Please be aware that the Second-Monday-of-the-Month drinks of November is the last opportunity to sign up. Costs are €12,50 pp.




The Lustrum committee (LuCie) after their play to announce the Lustrum theme during the Second-Monday-of-the-Month Drinks.






The Ockhamster thought he already traveled to Ockhamalot, but this is the wrong castle. At which castle did he end up? We have to find him fast, otherwise he won’t be on time for the start of the Lustrum!







* Monday November 10th

Lustrum opening drinks @ Theatercafé, 20:30

*Tuesday November 11th 

Start of The Quest for the Holy Grail @Campus, 00:01

* Tuesday November 11th

Movie night with Atlantis @ To be announced

* Wednesday November 12th

Knights’ tournament (1) @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

* Saturday November 15th

Tour of the Brewery @ Twentse Bierbrouwerij, 14:30-17:00

* Tuesday November 18th

Knights’ tournament (2) @ Sportzaal 1, Sport Centre, 12:30-13:30

* Thursday November 20th

End of The Quest for the Holy Grail @ Enschede, 17:00

* Thursday November 20th

Optional dinner (“daghappen”) @ To be announced, 18:00

* Thursday November 20th

Treasure Hunt Enschede @ Enschede Central Station, 19:30-22:00

* Saturday November 22th

Masquerade @ Danscentrum Dekker, 20:30-0:00





Resident of Ockhamalot:

The Once and Future King,
T. H. White

In order to understand the nobleness you should possess as a knight of Ockhamalot, it is advised to read this book. The central theme is an exploration of human nature regarding power and justice, as the boy Arthur becomes king and attempts to quell the prevalent “might makes right” attitude with his idea of chivalry.

Composed by the secretary of H.V. Ockham & the Lustrum committee 2014

Special lustrum edition 2014