Professionalisation with Salio

On the 30th of March, the SympCie professionalisation event in cooperation with Salio took place. After arriving at Saxion, we started off the evening with a LinkedIn workshop by Leontien Biemold. First, the basics of a good LinkedIn profile were covered, and afterwards, we had the opportunity to review each others’ profiles. A lot of useful feedback and profile updates were generated, and many Ockhammers really took their profile to the next level.

During the coffee break, photographers from FOTON offered the opportunity to have a high-quality picture taken, for use on a CV or maybe a LinkedIn profile. How convenient! After the break, the second speaker for the evening was a familiar face: Ben Elsinga. Where last year’s workshop focused mostly on Ben’s vision of young professionals, this year’s talk went in-depth on development patterns to remain happy and succesful throughout your career. Sadly, the discussion after the talk was cut short because the building closed down at 22:00, but the evening was very successful overall. Thanks to our friends at Salio for collaborating with us on this event!