Day reports 2015

Sunday the 3th of May 2015

Around 5.30hrs the first sleepy faces showed up at the parking lot in front of the Spiegel building. Everyone loaded their luggage into the bus and after a quick passport/ID card check and handing out the building bridges t-shirts and programmes we left Enschede even before the scheduled time. Hennie, our friendly and cheerful bus driver, put some music on and most of us had some sleep, chatted or read a book during the long ride. Around 13hrs?? we arrived in Puttgarden, where we had to wait a bit to get onto the ferry to Rødby. The sun and the wind on the ferry were very welcome after the long ride and it really felt like we were going on vacation. Then we had to drive for 3 more hours to Malmö, passing Copenhagen and the Øresundsbron (Sontbrug), which is in the logo of the study tour. After a long day of sitting in the bus, we were all relieved to see that the hostel rooms and facilities were very spacious and clean. Everyone enjoyed their free evening in Malmö by wandering around the city and having dinner.

Monday the 4th of May 2015

Monday the 4th of May was the first day of excursions. After a nice and quite comprehensive breakfast in the STF Malmö City hostel, the bus picked us up at the hostel to go to the University of Lund. After half an hour’s drive we arrived at the Faculty of Science. Emelie Hilner, who arranged the whole day, welcomed us. We had two lectures at the faculty from Margareta Johansson and Anders Mikkelsen. The first lecture was about the cryosphere: the world of …?
Frozen water! Impacts of the climate change on the cryosphere were explained in a very enthusiastic and funny way. After that, we had a lecture about nanotechnology, in which we got an idea about the projects and research at the University of Lund on nanotechnology. Next on the programme was a tour around the campus led by the president of the Student Union of the Faculty of Science. He told us about the history of the campus and showed us all the beautiful and old buildings. After a delicious lunch we headed off to the MAX IV lab by bus. Everyone got dressed up with a nice fluorescent safety vest before we had a talk about the prestigious facility from Marjolein Thunnissen, a Dutch researcher working as a coordinator at the MAX IV lab. Then we were split into two groups to walk around the facility that is still under construction. Afterwards Emelie brought us back to the Faculty of Science and everyone had some free time to explore Lund, a beautiful small student city. Around 6 o’clock we gathered to go back to Malmö by bus to have a free evening.

Tuesday the 5th of May 2015

After waking up quite early on Sunday and Monday everyone could sleep late this morning. After a nice breakfast, cleaning and emptying our rooms and loading the luggage into the bus, we walked to the Malmö chocolate factory. This factory exists since 1888 and is the only chocolate factory in Sweden who makes their own chocolate all the way from the cocoa bean. The owner told us everything you need to know about chocolate: some history, how to make chocolate from the cacao pod and where the cacao beans come from. We even got to taste some chocolate with very interesting tastes like salt and chili pepper (opinions were divided). The most fun part started after the tour, when the whole small chocolate shop was filled with mouth-watering Ockhammers, who spent their last Swedisch Kronor on delicious chocolate. Everyone had some time to get lunch and afterwards Hennie drove us to Copenhagen, goodbye Sweden! We directly visited the University of Copenhagen. Here we had two lectures about behavioural economics and studying at the University of Copenhagen. After some coffee and cake we got a quick tour around the old building that used to be a hospital. Then we went to the Generator Hostel, a very big, but nice hostel in the city centre of Copenhagen and had a free evening to explore Copenhagen.


Wednesday the 6th of May 2015

On Wednesday we visited the Embassy of the Netherlands in Copenhagen. After a short walk to the Embassy we had to wait a bit before we could enter the building, so we enjoyed the beautiful weather at the waterside of Copenhagen’s harbour. Very punctual at 11 o’clock we could enter the building where we were welcomed by the Ambassador and a Dutch intern. They gave a small lecture on the Dutch Embassy in Denmark, their functions and the recent visit of the Dutch King and Queen. Then we participated in a case study in small groups, discussing the following proposition: What will be the influence of the outcome of the Danish general elections on the upcoming Dutch EU presidency? Different views were pointed out and the Ambassador was impressed with the answers we came up with. Then we had some free time to lunch and enjoy the sun a bit more. Around 14 o’ clock we gathered at the hostel to go by bus to the Bella Centre, a very big and modern conference centre outside the city centre. We visited the Cisco Connect Event, a yearly business event where Cisco shows their state-of-the-art products. Two system engineers were present to answer all of our questions and they explained a bit about their collaboration technology and data centre. Afterwards we returned to the hostel and most of us rented a bike to explore Copenhagen to relieve our tired feet. The weather was perfect and we saw a lot of Copenhagen, including the Little Mermaid, the colourful Nyhavn and lots of palaces, slots and old buildings.

Thursday the 7th of May 2015

The last day of the study tour started early. After a quick shower, breakfast and checking out Hennie drove us to the World Health Organization, where we had to walk in pairs to get trough the security check. We were welcomed with coffee and cake and Andrew Odeke tested us in a quiz about the activities and organization of the WHO. Then we had a tour around the UN city, in which the regional office for Europe of the WHO is located amongst several other UN agencies. The building is focussed on sustainability and environmental friendliness and in the middle of the central hall was a beautiful black stairway, which represented a broken piano. We got back to the lecture room where Dina Pfeifer of the Division of Communicable Diseases gave a lecture about the Ebola Outbreak in Western Africa last year. She told us some new insights in the battle against Ebola and made clear that it isn’t just about curing a disease, but about a broader complex social and cultural system. After the lecture we all got a coupon for lunch and the UN city canteen filled up with bright blue and red shirts, which drew a lot of attention. Hennie was waiting for us outside and around 14 o’clock we began our long journey back to Enschede.