On this page, you can find more detailed information about the excursions planned for this years Study Tour. More information will follow!



When visiting Switzerland an excursion to the European Organization for Nuclear Research cannot be missed. Therefore we are happy to announce that the first excursion taking place on this year’s study tour is a visit to CERN, where physicists an engineers are researching the structure of the universe. During the tour we will of course get a tour of the laboratory and get to know more about the organization and their research. It will be interesting to see where scientists are discovering what the universe is made of, and how it all started.

For more information on CERN, check their website: http://home.cern/




In the afternoon of May 3rd, we will visit CAScination: computer assisted soft tissue surgery. CAScination provides navigation technology that is designed to assist surgeons during operations. The technology provides images of organs that are being operated on to make complex surgical treatments possible. This all is used to improve current treatment options and to stimulate less-invasive treatments. During the visit we will get a tour of the company and will be informed about for instance what the company does and what they are researching by experts in their fields.

For more information on CAScination, check their website:  http://www.cascination.com/


Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics

University of Bern

On the third day of the tour , we will visit the Albert Einstein Center at the University of Bern. This center has been founded in 2011 and is focused on experimental and theoretical particle physics and its applications.  Research fields include neutrinos, quantum field theories and astroparticle physics and cosmology. We will get interesting talks about this research and of course get an impression on the university of Bern.

For more information on the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics, check their website: http://www.einstein.unibe.ch/


ETH Zurich


On the second to last day of this year’s study tour, we will visit the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the University of Zurich. It is consistently ranked as the top university in continental Europe. The university is well known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for implementing its results directly into practice. At the tour we will gain more insight into what the university offers, the research they are doing and a tour of the university itself. It will promise to be a great experience.

For more information on ETH, check their website: https://www.ethz.ch/en.html



On Wednesday afternoon we will be visiting Stadler. Stadler is a company that designs and manufactures railway vehicles and urban transport vehicles. They offer customized solutions to railway companies based on a modular concept. Stadler is responsible for the manufacturing of 16 railway vehicles that are scheduled to operate on the Zwolle-Enschede lines starting in December 2017.


At the tour we will get more information about the company and an insight in the production of railway vehicles. For more information on Stadler, check their website: http://www.stadlerrail.com/