Packing list

This list contains all the things you should not forgot to take on this years Study Tour!

•ID card or passport
•Copy of passport/ID
•Health insurance card
•Bank card, cash (1) and credit card (if you have one)
•Home addresses and important phone numbers
•Documents of travel insurance
•Student card (collegekaart)
•(If necessary) medication + medical passport
•(If necessary) explanation for introduction of medication
•Appropriate clothing for the excursions (2)
•Photo/video camera
•Adapters (3)

(1) Don’t forget they use Swiss Franc as currency.
(2) By appropriate clothing we mean the study tour polo (which will be handed out before departure or in the bus), decent pants/jeans and tidy shoes (no sandals).
(3) Please check beforehand if your adapters will fit in the Swiss sockets.