Things to Know

Here are some things the committee thought would be useful for you during the trip!


Important Contacts

  • Varun Sudhakar: +31 (0) 644408618
  • Sander Oosterveld: +31 (0) 38897590
  • Leon Smook: +31 (0) 681561080
  • Esli Deppenbroek: +31 (0) 623627001
  • State Police: 158; City Police: 156; Emergency Number: 112
  • Ambulance / Medical Emergency: 155

How not to get scammed in the Czech Republic

While we were doing research into Prague and our visit, we wanted to ensure you all had the best, safest and most memorable trip ever. Hence, the StuCie thought of listing a few things that Prague (and the Czech Republic) to ensure you guys don’t have a bad experience during the trip and unknowingly get into trouble. Here are a few things to be wary and careful of throughout your trip in the Czech Republic:


  • We highly recommend everyone to withdraw Czech Koruna currency and use that if needed instead of euros currency. A lot of shops dont provide the exact conversion and that can be a loss for you. As of 20th April, the exchange rate is: 1 Euro = 25.36 Czech Koruna’s
  • We recommend that no one withdraws from open ATM’s. A lot of the machines are rigged to getting your card details and pin, to later withdraw cash. Please only withdraw cash from either malls or banks and so on. Only withdraw money if really necessary, else use your card everywhere
  • The taxi drivers will always try to scam tourists into paying a higher fare. They usually do this by taking a longer route or a more “scenic” route which can cost a lot more. We strongly suggest that everyone uses Uber for their taxi transport if required, else use public transport. Taxi drivers have a very bad reputation in the Czech Republic.
  • When at restaurants, we recommend that you know exactly what you are paying for and know the exact prices. Also, do not accept written receipts, always get printed ones.
  • Late night on metro’s, often people might impersonate metro officials and ask money as a fine. Please ensure that you call the police if this happens.
  • Prague is also known to be one of the most pickpocketing cities in the world.


We really hope none of you have to experience any of these incidents and hope you have amazing fun. But it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. We really recommend that you also do your research on Prague as well!


Optional Activities

Prague is a beautiful city and there are always a lot of things to do! They have one of the most amazing clubs and nightlife in Europe! But if you guys want to visit some attractions as well during the day or in the evening, we have come up with a few landmarks. Feel free to visit them or look for your own interests.

  • Beer Geek (Had to come first)
  • Old Town Square
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Charles Bridge
  • Prague Castle
  • Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock
  • Petrin
  • John Lennon Wall
  • Letna Beer Garden
  • Wallenstein Garden

Useful Czech Words/ Sentences with Pronunciation

YES = ANO (ano)

NO = NE (ne)

PLEASE = PROSÍM (proseem)

THANK YOU = DEvKUJI VAM (dyekooyi vam)



GOOD NIGHT = DOBROU NOC (dobroh nots)

HELLO = DOBRY’ DEN (dobree den)

GOOD-BYE = NA SHLEDANOU (nas-khledanow)

WHAT IS YOUR NAME? = JAK SE JMENUJETE? (yak se menooyete)

MY NAME IS… = JMENUJI SE… (menooyi se)

HOW ARE YOU? = JAK SE MÁTE? (jak se mahte )

FINE THANKS, AND YOU? = DEvKUJI DOBRvE, A VY? (dyekooyi dobrzhe, a vi)



DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? = MLUVÍTE ANGLICKY? (mlooveete anglitskee)

I DON’T SPEAK CZECH. = NEMLUVÍM CvESKY. (nemlooveem chehskee)

NICE TO MEET YOU = Těší mě. (tyeh-sheee mnyeh)