Thales Lunch Lecture – Internet of Things

On the 6th of April, the SympCie organized a lunch lecture in collaboration with our sponsor Thales. Sigrid Reumer, Recruitment Consultant, first gave a brief overview of the company.  New Business Director Mike Balm then took over with the main topic of this talk: Internet of Things 2.0. Whereas Internet of Things 1.0 offers nothing more than a collection of sensors operating independently, Internet of Things 2.0 integrates all these sensors into a multi-purpose centralized application. Mike Balm illustrated the strengths of this emerging technology with concrete examples ranging from burglar-proof houses to smart cities, and shared his experiences developing IoT 2.0 in his own home. He also brought up an important challenge that comes along with interconnected and internet-connected devices: security. Thales is developing new authentication and encryption methods to make sure that sensitive data remains inaccessible to parties outside of your trusted circle. All in all, the lecture was a success – the subject was treated quite in depth and engaged technical and non-technical students alike.

PS: The Marines are not to be confused with the Navy.